What does yr mean?

yr means Your Room

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What is the abbreviation for Your Room?

Your Room can be abbreviated as yr
Other shorthands for Your Room are: RM, IR, RMS, R
What does yr mean? It stands for Your Room
yr - Your Room in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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That time during @Jonathanstewar1's rookie yr when he drank WAY too much water. "The locker room is very far away."

In last hour: - NYT report on the 2 women - CBS report on 10-yr-old girl - Palm Beach Post report woman saying Trump groped her.

In 1 yr Ben Carson went from seeking jobs he's not qualified for to declining jobs he's not qualified for. And they say evolution's a myth.

"We're all mad about Trump's election. He doesn't represent us" says 15 yr old Berkeley High student on walkout.

The same white folks in Wisc, Mich & Iowa who voted 4 Trump this yr, voted 4 Obama twice. Don't you dare tell me Trump's voters are racist.

Media still bringing up 11 yr old audio tape huh? Clinton victim Kathleen Willey has a message 4 Bill Clinton

Important: Prevent Misuse of Yr ID Proof in #bank deposits & exchange. Pls read & share #uppolice #DeMonetisation

#HeardInCentralHall Notes ban "will extinguish Rs 3.5 Lakh Cr black money, PM will waive equivalent amt farmers' loans, call electn in a yr"

Evrybody needs 2 take the fury they feel & organize. Create groups in yr area. Stand 4 somethng meaningful, not just now but for yrs to come

Mid season NFL MVP is Dak. Not even close. Highest degree of difficulty. Team went 1-11 last yr w/o Romo. Now 7-11 w/o Romo. Difference: Dak

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Pollution Board had 9 meetings with Delhi govt last yr, a 42 point advisory was provided which was not implemented. #MyRightToBreathe

Kentucky = TALENT ! It will be another big yr for BBN!

#DakotaJohnson gave #AlessandroMichele this polaroid of her 16-yr-old self for his issue of @amagcuratedby.

.@28CGiroux and his 6 yr old bud, Seamus Essl, 6, of Thorndale, Pa., share a grilled-cheese sandwich. #Flyers

i remember when the media told me people were going to stay home this yr b/c so "disgusted." #narratives

US dollar hits 13-yr high on Trump economy boost expectations

Great expectations: US dollar hits 13-yr high on #Trump economy boost hopes

As Trump backers cite interment camps as precedent, read this speech by a then 18-yr-old girl who was living in one:

Mystery object in Danish museum identified as a 300 yr-old turd excreted by the Bishop of Aalborg H/t @ticiaverveer


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What does yr stand for?
yr stands for "Your Room".
How to abbreviate "Your Room"?
"Your Room" can be abbreviated as yr.
What is the meaning of yr abbreviation?
The meaning of yr abbreviation is "Your Room".
What is yr abbreviation?
One of the definitions of yr is "Your Room".
What does yr mean?
yr as abbreviation means "Your Room".
What is shorthand of Your Room?
The most common shorthand of "Your Room" is yr.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word yr in term.