What does CDN mean?

CDN means Canadian

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Governmental & Military category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations, Army & Military Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Canadian?

Canadian can be abbreviated as CDN
Other shorthands for Canadian are: CNDN, CANAD, C, Can
What does CDN mean? It stands for Canadian
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Comments having CDN

FYI. When I needed quadruple bypass, CDN gov't sent a plane to Cape Cod, returned me to Montreal. I had surgery two days later. No cost.

"SK will investigate all options to mitigate one of largest tax increases in Cdn history" - @PremierBradWall #skpoli

Well Trump just yanked the rug out from under those left wing Cdn politicians who insist we need carbon taxes to achieve social licence.

Iranian news agency says Cdn professor Homa #Hoodfar has been released and is on her way back to Canada. Jailed for 110 days in Tehran #cbc

Gov't might give $1B to a company cutting 2,000 Cdn jobs. Can I get $1M to just not hire 2,000 people? #Innovation

The question for every Cdn reporter today: does routine spying on journalists extend beyond Quebec? And if so, how rampant is it? #CBCnews

Hahaha. But - yes? Most common Cdn question after "How is Trump happening" is "why do they hate her?" #cdnuspoli

The op-ed the @globeandmail refused to print: #LPC President @annamgainey on grassroots fundraising in Cdn democracy

I'd love to see an audit of this liar's "Cdn Women for Women in Afghanistan" fundraiser.

So, EDM vs West 5-0. EDM vs CDN teams 4-0. EDM on road 3-0. EDM since practice on CBA day off 5-0. EDM since Talbot wife had twins 4-0.

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About the cdn elites/people split:"Dismay,disapointment was the majority reaction in every region of the country."

Remember, Canadian corporation Enbridge & Cdn banks like @TD_Canada funding this attack on Indigenous people & land. #cdnpoli #StandingRock

Then buy Canadian milk, you daft unprincipled simpleton. Where's supply management for all other Cdn industries?

I've always wondered if you could "kill the net" by taking out a major CDN/DNS provider's DNS infrastructure with DDOS. Answer: Yeup.

Important information for dual Canadian citizens: Make sure you have a valid CDN passport:

Top 5 sports & rec activities during which #concussions happen to Cdn children and youth:

My girl @rosiewestwood has launched a week-long series in @metrotoronto abt sexual assault on Cdn campuses. Read it

How can #gonorth go south? @RBC trying to help Cdn tech firms take on US.

"Remove the word caliph!" Declassified documents show Cdn officials wrestled for months over how to talk about ISIL.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CDN stand for?
CDN stands for "Canadian".
How to abbreviate "Canadian"?
"Canadian" can be abbreviated as CDN.
What is the meaning of CDN abbreviation?
The meaning of CDN abbreviation is "Canadian".
What is CDN abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CDN is "Canadian".
What does CDN mean?
CDN as abbreviation means "Canadian".
What is shorthand of Canadian?
The most common shorthand of "Canadian" is CDN.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CDN in term.