What does btw mean?

btw means Between the Worlds

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What is the abbreviation for Between the Worlds?

Between the Worlds can be abbreviated as btw
Other shorthands for Between the Worlds are: WITW, OTW, OTW, ITOW, OIW, FTW
What does btw mean? It stands for Between the Worlds
btw - Between the Worlds in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having btw

everything I say is generalized btw. Just speaking generally on how important it is to be grateful

Oh btw, people at the top end and corporations are about to get a monster tax cut. The rest of America? Well you can feel like it's the 50s!

Daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!!!Damn Ezekiel! Yo @steelers , you forgot the kid can run? And btw, Tomlin. Can we stop with the 2-pt Conv???

So dope Lilly and @humblethepoet! Btw it's HARD to get people to stay completely still on a crazy red carpet...

Hey btw I'm not gonna register. The only thing I'm registering is shock & a whole lot of sad anger.

@AliMaadelat Joe loves arts and crafts btw.

I've never named a wig before! This ones Iris #ziplocit #ooouuuu ziploc isn't endorsing me btw but they should

It's Election Day....btw.

@LukeKorns I'm coming back to Peru in a few days btw

.@CameronNewton had a career milestone in the first half, BTW #KCvsCAR #KeepPounding

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Clinton really might have won college educated whites, btw. The exit polls have a weird bias on this. (And Obama '08 might have, too)

Tonight is Supermoon. Closest full moon to Earth since 1948. The next one in 2034. Distance btw Earth & Moon: 384400 kms Tonight: 356508 kms

A primer on the anti-Semite in West Wing. Btw, I got "sent to Auschwitz" by his guys

Happy first birthday, @RDCountry! Btw, how does that work in radio station years? Anyway. You guys rock!

Spent election nite on Good Morning Britain sitting btw Ann Coulter & Jerry Springer. By 4am I realized I was a metaphor for the next 4 yrs.

Alex Jones says Trump called to thank him after the election. (BTW, Hillary used a private server.)

Three guesses what that cake tastes like, btw. #JokersLive

Udah Overwatch banget belom setup gue? Btw, yg di layar bukan Om Indro..

Education is a huge export business. And Trump's election "could portend a decline." (Same goes for tourism, btw.)


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does btw stand for?
btw stands for "Between the Worlds".
How to abbreviate "Between the Worlds"?
"Between the Worlds" can be abbreviated as btw.
What is the meaning of btw abbreviation?
The meaning of btw abbreviation is "Between the Worlds".
What is btw abbreviation?
One of the definitions of btw is "Between the Worlds".
What does btw mean?
btw as abbreviation means "Between the Worlds".
What is shorthand of Between the Worlds?
The most common shorthand of "Between the Worlds" is btw.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word btw in term.