What does acct mean?

acct means Account Codes

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Account Codes?

Account Codes can be abbreviated as acct
Other shorthands for Account Codes are: AC, ACC
What does acct mean? It stands for Account Codes
acct - Account Codes in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having acct

Trump's staff reportedly doesn't trust him with a Twitter acct., but they want us to trust him with the nuclear codes.

My Instagram got hacked but we got it under control. Delete this guys acct. this is what he just messaged me:

Is new ruling junta at @realDonaldTrump HQ going to seize his Twitter acct to prevent grotesque messages like this?

Why did "activist" Brittany Ferrell ( @bdoulaoblongata )who tweeted threats 2 Darren Seals-delete her Twitter acct?

Only the house. No bank acct. Made a point not to put assets there.If Trump wins that probably changes.

In fairness she could have a huge immediate impact just by taking away her husband's twitter acct.

She just said she'd like everyone 2 respect everyone on social media. Seriously ma'am. Hv u seen ur husbands twitter acct. Give it a read.

Meet the meme masters behind ****Jerry. How the Instagram Acct. reached nearly 10m followers

Tulsa PD Deletes Their Twitter Acct b/c People Asking for Justice for #TerenceCrutcher

They shoulda gave that man the @DonaldTrump acct already ..... its gonna be LIT tho when he start ranting on the @POTUS acct tho

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I think the real question here is who let Trump have his twitter acct back & how many times he told them he was the MF president b4 they did

My FUT Champions results so far: Week1: 22-18 Week2: 26-13 Week3: miss Week4: 26-14 Week5: 29-11 Week6: 26-14 Not bad for a #PMRTG acct!

hey, do you use @spotify? we are working on something new for you. link your acct to find out more:

Sort of interesting parlor game. What fake acct wld have best chance for Trump ReTweet? Almost like contest. WhiteGenocide Von Naziman.

If you set up a New Zealand PS4 acct you can download NBA 2K17's Prelude now rather than waiting for late tonight.

Skin In The Game: @SenJohnThune told colleagues today he is giving $2M from his own campaign acct to the NRSC. He's in cycle but w no race

al-Qa'ida-affiliated cleric Mohamed al-Maqdisi still has a Twitter acct, and a bigger following than @brett_mcgurk

#DeMonetisation Just been2 ICICI Jorbagh which is normally empty being small. Queues today. ID proof needed even2put money in own acct. WHY?

Learn tips you can adopt for a richer life. Visit our youtube channel for video *966*0# for a zenith acct RT


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What does acct stand for?
acct stands for "Account Codes".
How to abbreviate "Account Codes"?
"Account Codes" can be abbreviated as acct.
What is the meaning of acct abbreviation?
The meaning of acct abbreviation is "Account Codes".
What is acct abbreviation?
One of the definitions of acct is "Account Codes".
What does acct mean?
acct as abbreviation means "Account Codes".
What is shorthand of Account Codes?
The most common shorthand of "Account Codes" is acct.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word acct in term.