What does ISO mean?

ISO means In Support Of

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What is the abbreviation for In Support Of?

In Support Of can be abbreviated as ISO
Other shorthands for In Support Of are: Sup., SUPP, SUP, Suprt, SUPTG, S, SP, SUPT, SPT, SPRT, sptg, HTS, sptd
What does ISO mean? It stands for In Support Of
ISO - In Support Of in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ISO

An amazing Canadian sight, always leaves me in awe. Shot in my home province of SK. Info F4, ISO 3200, Shutter 13sec

Vi esto me iso grasia jiji

How does ISO 50001 help your company or organization improve #energyefficiency? #COP22 #ActionTime

SMEs looking to improve their quality will benefit from a new handbook giving them specific guidance on ISO 9001

When Spo runs an Iso for Waiters for the gamewinnner

5 years on, did #ISO50001 live up to its promise? #energyefficiency #actiontime #cop22

Estamos muy felices porque nuestra Red de Salud Municipal fue nuevamente certificada en calidad x la norma ISO 9001

Showers & iso Tstorms mov NE thru W WA this evening. Small hail, gusty winds, brief downpours also possible. #wawx

NASTY WOMAN ISO BAD DUDE must like doggos, have Canadian citizenship or a functioning spaceship

The Triumph ISO 3 Marl Edition is included in every RunBox. Stay tuned tomorrow for all the details.

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Still expecting Iso to Sct showers/storms this afternoon, best coverage E & SE. High-res model predicted radar:#alwx

#Cowboys #Steelers Film: Bryant 50yd TD great shot of Prescott's terrific pocket poise. QB reading trips, had to move and found X-iso WR.

9:05pm-Iso storms thru 11pm. High rainfall rates & strong downburst winds possible #kswx

Announcing #AzureML is now compliant w/ #HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and EU Model Clauses:

SPONSORED: WIN Pro Iso sports drinks for your local team for an entire season. RT and follow @PASproiso to enter

"they could grab guys back then" ...MJ could also iso on 1 side of the court and EVERYBODY had to be on the other side. no help allowed

Severe storms expected this afternoon, evening ahead of cold front. Low tornado threat w/iso storms. #okwx #arwx

Villanueva: TESDA is the only ISO-certified agency in the education sector.

LMAO Lowry saw that iso play Casey drew up for Joseph in the huddle and was like "HELL NAH"


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What does ISO stand for?
ISO stands for "In Support Of".
How to abbreviate "In Support Of"?
"In Support Of" can be abbreviated as ISO.
What is the meaning of ISO abbreviation?
The meaning of ISO abbreviation is "In Support Of".
What is ISO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ISO is "In Support Of".
What does ISO mean?
ISO as abbreviation means "In Support Of".
What is shorthand of In Support Of?
The most common shorthand of "In Support Of" is ISO.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ISO in term.

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