What does Yd mean?

Yd means Yesterday

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Governmental & Military category.
Particularly in Email Abbreviations, Texting Abbreviations, Forum Abbreviations, Im Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Yesterday?

Yesterday can be abbreviated as Yd
Other shorthands for Yesterday are: YTD, yester-, YDA
What does Yd mean? It stands for Yesterday
Yd - Yesterday in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Yd

Captain Kirk hits Jamison Crowder for a 33 yd TD strike. Redskins take the lead 24-20 in the 4th.

TOUCHDOWN! Brees to @brandincooks for a 2-yd score and the Saints take the lead! #Saints50

Interception @_Sledgehamma! Aggies start at the Bama 34 yd line #12thMan #TAMUvsBAMA

TOUCHDOWN! Bernard rushes off the right side for a 5 yd TD. #CLEvsCIN

Just another example today of why the NFL needs to use college football OT format. Only difference: start ball on 40 yd line. #StopTheTies

Texas A&M pulls within 13-7, 8 play, 80 yd, 1:42 off the clock on the TD drive. 38 seconds to half #12thMan #TAMUvsBAMA

BUSTER...PICKED! 51-yd return to the 6. #BALvsNYJ

SUPER CAM! @Saints had him, but @CameronNewton messed around & got a 10 yd TD. #tbt

SACKED! @thenastynate54 comes around the corner and takes down Newton for an 11-yd loss!

TOUCHDOWN! Brees to Coleman for a 9-yd score #Saints50 #TNF

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Broncos haven't allowed a 100-yd receiver this season: "We got the best secondary in the league." - @darianstewart26

On 3rd & 10 at the CAR 48-yd-yd line, @ellerbe59 comes flying in, pops Newton and his pass falls incomplete! #Saints50 #TNF

Ravens have given up 3.3 per rush this year WITH a 85 yd run included in that total.Take that 1 play out & teams have avg 2.88 per rush WOW

Wow!! Brees to Ingram who races down the left side for a 22-yd gain! #Saints inside the CAR 20-yd line #Saints50

Hightower for a 27-yd run to the CAR 13-yd line! #Saints50 #TNF

Saints driving inside the Carolina 25-yd line! #Saints50 #TNF

2-minute warning. Panthers lead 13-3 #Saints have the ball at the NO 49-yd line #Saints50 #TNF

Brees is intercepted by Coleman, who returns it to the NO 34-yd line #Saints50 #TNF

On 3rd and 8 at the CAR 32-yd line, Brees finds @Willie_Snead4G for a 14-yd gain! #Saints50 #TNF


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Yd stand for?
Yd stands for "Yesterday".
How to abbreviate "Yesterday"?
"Yesterday" can be abbreviated as Yd.
What is the meaning of Yd abbreviation?
The meaning of Yd abbreviation is "Yesterday".
What is Yd abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Yd is "Yesterday".
What does Yd mean?
Yd as abbreviation means "Yesterday".
What is shorthand of Yesterday?
The most common shorthand of "Yesterday" is Yd.