What does DOD mean?

DOD means Day of Defeat

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Computing & IT category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations, Software Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Day of Defeat?

Day of Defeat can be abbreviated as DOD
What does DOD mean? It stands for Day of Defeat
DOD - Day of Defeat in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DOD

Not one agency in DC hasn't been filled with corruption & waste: VA, IRS, DHS, EPA, DOD, DOI, and even the DOJ. #DrainTheSwamp & #VoteTrump

Military working dogs defend our service members on a daily basis, playing a vital role in the #DoD mission.

GOP rep: Sessions would 'root out all the BS' at DOD

My first wish is for @JimTalent at DOD. 2d @AmbJohnBolton at State, @StanMcChrystal at DHS (it would start to work very quickly) and

Dear God. Giuliani as AG? Sessions at DoD? Gingrich at State? David f*cking Clarke at DHS?

RIP, soldiers. DoD names soldiers killed in Bagram bombing via @MeghannReports

#AirForce to perform airworthiness assessments on non #DoD aircraft for the first time

#SecDef: We need Congress to come together to provide stable, responsible budgets because lack of stability threatens the DoD enterprise

Dream cabinet: DoD: Mattis DOJ: Gowdy OMB: Coburn Treas.: Forbes Labor: @mikeroweworks Education: Rhee VA: Perry HHS: Jindal DHS: @TheRock

does Trump team know anybody at CIA, DOD and St. Dept?

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Hoping @realDonaldTrump puts @JimTalent at DOD, and Dr. Arnn as WH Counselor. Their arguments 4 him (and mine) here:

If it was the Department of Education, then I'd agree with you. DOD, DOE, and DOT? No, it's incompetence.

RUMINT (but reasonably high quality RUMINT): Rudy for State, Sessions AG, Mnuchin Treasury, Flynn nat sec advisor. DOD: ?

US-Russian Deal: 'DoD openly saying it may or may not obey Obama' #Obama #Russia #Syria

Clinton taps Kath Hicks and Kurt Campbell for DoD and State transition teams

Abortion rights campaign spreads to 22 cities globally #repealthe8th #marchforchoice (DOD)

SecDef honored DNI Clapper today w/DOD Distinguished Public Svc Award. Here's some of Clapper's work from last year

Gerry Adams is a politician without a past, writes @Mickcliff (DOD)

Baby boxes aim to reduce cot deaths (DOD)


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What does DOD stand for?
DOD stands for "Day of Defeat".
How to abbreviate "Day of Defeat"?
"Day of Defeat" can be abbreviated as DOD.
What is the meaning of DOD abbreviation?
The meaning of DOD abbreviation is "Day of Defeat".
What is DOD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DOD is "Day of Defeat".
What does DOD mean?
DOD as abbreviation means "Day of Defeat".
What is shorthand of Day of Defeat?
The most common shorthand of "Day of Defeat" is DOD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DOD in term.