What does PPL mean?

PPL means Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)

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What is the abbreviation for Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)?

Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ) can be abbreviated as PPL
What does PPL mean? It stands for Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)
PPL - Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ) in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PPL

Many ppl are like "just cuz I voted for Trump doesn't mean I'm racist/sexist." Ok, but at best, you ignored it, you overlooked it.

Today, I cried for 1st time since election. Not for me. I have a platform & powerful friends. I cried for the voiceless ppl living in fear.

According to racist ppl: Trayvon Martin - 17 - Man Mike Brown - 18 - Man @RyanLochte - 32 - "JUST A KID."

Sadly 12,000 ppl were unable to get into the #Minneapolis Event bc fire marshal shut it down! @realDonaldTrump

Why is blocking ppl looked at as weak? Nobody wants to ready hurtful things, if anything it shows maturity to remove the source and move on.

So the "outsider" president-elect chose the party hack to run the WH. White ppl who voted 4 "change" - r u keeping track of broken promises?


I know number of ppl who changed their votes (both to Trump and to HRC) in early voting because of Comey's first letter. He must be fired.

"Why don't you give the money back to countries that treat groups of ppl so terribly [like Saudi Arabia]?" asked Trump.

Want niche? Inside jokes? Mega Meta? Think ur the only 1 thinking the demented way ur thinking? Go see "Oh Hello" on Broadway & find ur ppl.

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Im sure ppl who bought condos in Trump Tower will be delighted they have to have background checks & go through Secret Service to go home.

Long queue is there. Need ID card..Ink is also there now. Put a ballot box as well. Let ppl vote if they want to keep or not this Government

Me: i'ma stop making white ppl on @viceland upset Also me: mention their top lips

Another reason why I open every single Snapchat ppl send me

EU wants background checks on every visitor... cool. US wants to get handle on ppl here illegally... "racism!"

isnt it funny that ppl were mad for 2 days about trump now no one cares anymore lmao

Megyn Kelly didn't deserve what happened to her, but she consistently denigrated & invalidated ppl who'd been through similar experiences.

it's so nice & cute being fans of ur friends. discussing each others dreams & aspirations with the same ppl u get lit af with is just lovely

Where poor ppl r cancelling their marriage coz of no money, Mining king Janardan reddy is spending 500Cr on marriage. This is Modi's Bharat.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PPL stand for?
PPL stands for "Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)".
How to abbreviate "Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)"?
"Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)" can be abbreviated as PPL.
What is the meaning of PPL abbreviation?
The meaning of PPL abbreviation is "Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)".
What is PPL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PPL is "Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)".
What does PPL mean?
PPL as abbreviation means "Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)".
What is shorthand of Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)?
The most common shorthand of "Peoples Park Library (Paterson, NJ)" is PPL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PPL in term.