What does B/W mean?

B/W means Between

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Between?

Between can be abbreviated as B/W
What does B/W mean? It stands for Between
B/W - Between in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having B/W

3,000,000 limited edition shirt - and a $1000 cash giveaway (spread b/w 10 people that purchase it) This Saturday

New emails show direct coordination b/w Clinton Foundation and @HillaryClinton when she was Sec of State

Exchange of ideas b/w Dy. CM .@msisodia & .@AtishiMarlena & Team Google on Tech's role in Participative Democracy.

THAT'S RICH-@BarackObama, standing next 2 @HillaryClinton, says 2016 choice b/w America that works for everyone or just a few at the top

DOD: Monitoring reports of airstrikes & clashes south of #Jarabuls b/w Turkish forces, some opposition groups, & units affiliated with #SDF.

So many liberals alternating b/w calling Trump a dangerous fascist and being angry that Trump isn't running an efficient transition.

Whenever I am editing a photo - *whoa this looks pretty solid in color I think I love it* - convert to B/W -*whoaaaaaaaa*

Almost-perfect direct relationship b/w a) prescience on Iraq & b) amount of contempt from UK political/media elite

Explaining Ohio: NBC/WSJ/Marist poll had party ID even there b/w Ds and Rs. Per '12 exit poll, it was D+7. So it's all about turnout

Senior #PLA official pays visit to #Syria to enhance co-op b/w the 2 countries' militaries

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I'll be interviewing @DrJillStein for @TheYoungTurks at Detroit Rally this afternoon b/w 2 and 3pm on TYT Facebook

@andersoncooper doing yeoman's work. B/w screaming crowd behind the panel + screaming on the panel, trying to control convo is herculean.

2 YRS TODAY #Ferguson PD Darren Wilson killed #MikeBrown highlighting tenuous relationship b/w brown people & police

So, without Japan #SuicideSquad will take b/w $675M and $695M. Japan should add b/w $10-20M. This is MATH, so it's silly to deny it.

Good late-night QB battle b/w Boise State's Brett Rypien & BYU's Taysom Hill. No, Hill didn't play against Rypien's uncle Mark

Some similarities b/w Haseeb Hameed and Jeet Raval. Both scored 50s debut. Booth took 3 catches in an inns on debut. Both are from Gujarat.

Uncanny similarities b/w Antigua, Indore & Vizag...sussing out the conditions, risk-free batting & muted celebrations. U know what's coming?

While we cherish our glorious inheritance,#Jaipur is pacing towards becoming #SmartCity-illustrating a fine balance b/w traditional & modern

It is very imp at this stage not to make a distinction b/w Kashmir-the land & Kashmir-the people-Derek O'Brien in RS


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What does B/W stand for?
B/W stands for "Between".
How to abbreviate "Between"?
"Between" can be abbreviated as B/W.
What is the meaning of B/W abbreviation?
The meaning of B/W abbreviation is "Between".
What is B/W abbreviation?
One of the definitions of B/W is "Between".
What does B/W mean?
B/W as abbreviation means "Between".
What is shorthand of Between?
The most common shorthand of "Between" is B/W.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word B/W in term.