What does TAT mean?

TAT means Think About That

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Think About That?

Think About That can be abbreviated as TAT
Other shorthands for Think About That are: HM, thnk, :-?, Tink, WTT, (think), [[329137340464033]], *-), :?, :=?
What does TAT mean? It stands for Think About That
TAT - Think About That in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having TAT

This is my promise to my viewers and the contestants tat I shall only appear again to host only after justice is done.

Thanking each n all n media fr ur heartfelt opinions towards #MukundaMuraari. Very happy tat Uppi sir is getting th appreciation he deserves

2day first time ShivSena said truth tat only Indira Gandhi n RajiveGandhi gave their life for the country n no other politician has done so.

No problem if Public is suffering coz of lines but problem is this tat PM is lying. He is saying tat rich ppl r suffering n poor r sleeping.

I'm getting a face tat of "skrt"

Heard the PMs speech today... sir iam fan... i know people r facing problems but anythn tat makes SAARE JAHAN SE ACHA HINDUSTAN HUMARA...

An appeal to media. I stated tat heroines shd attend promos.i didn't pinpoint Nayan.i m a huge fan of her. Plz recall my tweets on Nayan

It's time tat All real Deshbhakt have 2come together to stand against Fake Deshbhakt, Bhakts to save the country. Don't get divided by them.

Ppl who were real Bhakts of Modi Ji, are cursing him today n it's proof tat Public Kisi Ki Nahi Hai. Public didn't spare Rajesh Khanna also.

I really can't understand, how do these girls keep 3-4 boyfriends at a time n succeed to convince each one tat she loves him more than life!

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I know tat @ajaydevgn next film #BAADSHAHO will be a brilliant film so I might give 4* to that film. So truth is this tat I don't hate any1.

Aamirkhan is doing wrong 2promote SunnyLeone 2prove himself secular in the eyes of Bhakts! He must know tat Bhakts will do #Dangal Pe Mangal

I do feel bad tat #Shivaay has become biggest flop in the history of Bollywood, like KRK has becom biggest critic in the history of Bollywd.

If Mulayam singh is saying tat Amar singh saved him from going to jail for 7Yrs means he has done some crimes so CBI should investigate it.

2day Amar Singh has proved tat he is Shakuni Mama of Kalyug n he has totally destroyed Mulayam Singh family. My sympathy with @yadavakhilesh

@babusha_patil17 that's y gave them a hint tat all r watching... can't go harsh on their personal talks as it isn't smthn against anyone

The right fist is Johnny Scranton, the left fist is Detroit Steel. Across the four knuckles is the tat: OBAMA4EV

Conor McGregor = undefeated in the UFC when @Jon_Anik doesn't make a tattoo bet on him. RT @yiyanlin1: @Jon_Anik one more tat!

Another memorial tat?! Talk about redemption. #InkRedemption


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does TAT stand for?
TAT stands for "Think About That".
How to abbreviate "Think About That"?
"Think About That" can be abbreviated as TAT.
What is the meaning of TAT abbreviation?
The meaning of TAT abbreviation is "Think About That".
What is TAT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of TAT is "Think About That".
What does TAT mean?
TAT as abbreviation means "Think About That".
What is shorthand of Think About That?
The most common shorthand of "Think About That" is TAT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word TAT in term.