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a Alpha Time Zone    
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Time    
ACIT Ashmore and Cartier Islands Time    
ACST Australian Central Standard Time    
ACT Australian Central Time    
ACT Acre Time    
ACWST Australian Central Western Standard Time    
ADST Alaska Daylight Saving Time    
ADST Atlantic Daylight Saving Time    
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time (UTC-3 Hours)    
ADT Arabia Daylight Time    
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time    
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time    
AET Australian Eastern Time    
AFT Afghanistan Time    
AKDT Alaska Daylight Time    
AKST Alaska Standard Time (UTC-9 Hours)    
ALMT Alma-Ata Time    
AMDT Armenia Daylight Time    
AMST Amazon Summer Time    
AMST Armenia Summer Time    
AMT Armenia Time    
AMT Amazon Time    
ANAST Anadyr Summer Time    
ANAT Anadyr†Time    
AOE Anywhere on Earth    
APO Apo Island Time    
AQTT Aqtobe Time    
ARDT Argentina Daylight Time    
ART Argentina Time    
AST Arabic Standard Time    
AST Atlantic Summer Time    
AST Arabia Summer Time    
AST Arabia Standard Time    
AT Atlantic Time    
AT Alaska Time    
AWDT Australian Western Daylight Time    
AWST Australian Western Standard Time    
AZODT Azores Daylight Time    
AZOST Azores Summer Time    
AZOST Azores Standard Time    
AZOT Azores Time    
AZST Azerbaijan Summer Time    
AZT Azerbaijan Time    
b Bravo Time Zone    
BDST British Daylight Saving Time    
BDT British Daylight Time    
BDT Brunei Time    
BEST Brazil Eastern Standard Time    
BIOT British Indian Ocean Time