What does g'night mean?

g'night means good night

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for good night?

good night can be abbreviated as g'night
Other shorthands for good night are: g'nite, GDNT, GN, GNITE, GUD9, GN8, nn, GNIGHT, NITE, tgn
What does g`night mean? It stands for good night
What does g`night mean? - Definition of g`night - g`night stands for good night. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having g'night

Me: "G'night honey. Wanna sing Twinkle Twinkle?" 2 yr old: "how 'bout Beastie Boys?" All is not lost.

What. A. Show. No need to wish upon a star in the sky, we got three right here! G'night!

Long day! Time to roll up into a ball and die. G'night :D

Welcome to The Great Depression. G'night true believers, let's see what tomorrow brings.

Tomorrow I'll be strong. Tonight I'm just sad. G'night, all.

I am terrified for me, my friends, my family, all of us. Nothing more to say other than I hope you all stay safe. G'night. #ElectionNight

Watching the media pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. TV off. Time for bed. Glad I'm meeting up w/ a friend tomorrow. G'night.

God I hope so. G'night folks.x

The Walking Dead fanboys are out in force this evening. I'm going to bed. G'night twitter.

Well that was awful and I want to puke. G'night!

More Comments with g'night...

Best moment for @realDonaldTrump:#30Years. Backed by this: More tomorrow AM as I drive East Coast to work. G'night

Well, dangit! there goes the crux of my whole rant... (g'night gang)

The end of the day arrives! G'night, all. We'll see you the OTHER side of #Daredevil Season 2 (aka, the weekend). <3

Just downed a Peach La Croix and loudly burped the word 'IOWA!' into an empty apartment. So yeah... This is probably over. G'night.

Nothing I love more than hitting someone you haven't talked to in ages with a rogue "G'night."

My body is falling apart. Thank you. G'night.

Ended our @AltPress snapchat takeover in the most serene way. G'night, everyone. Sleep tight.

Well, I'm off to dream about my childhood toys. G'night, nerds.

I except a gif of Winn's head popping over the side of the roof ala whack-a-mole by morning. G'night! #Supergirl @supergirlcbs


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does g'night stand for?
g'night stands for "good night".
How to abbreviate "good night"?
"good night" can be abbreviated as g'night.
What is the meaning of g'night abbreviation?
The meaning of g'night abbreviation is "good night".
What is g'night abbreviation?
One of the definitions of g'night is "good night".
What does g'night mean?
g'night as abbreviation means "good night".
What is shorthand of good night?
The most common shorthand of "good night" is g'night.