What does floor mean?

floor means laughing

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What is the abbreviation for laughing?

laughing can be abbreviated as floor
Other shorthands for laughing are: L, 55555, :)), Hehe, ARF, LTM, Haha, LAF, CREASING, LAMS, LTMS, l2ms, Laff, L2M, LAM, lat, Lafs, 555, [[329136663797434]], :L
What does floor mean? It stands for laughing
floor - laughing in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having floor

Versace on the floor is insanely good. Jesus

Things that were true: undercover Trump vote; @mike_pence for VP; Hillary's floor & ceiling r same; rally crowds matter; we expanded the map

Traders on @NYSE floor booing Kaine/Clinton appearance, shouting "lock her up."

me after finding a dollar on the floor

LATEST: Donald Trump gathers pace and the Mexican peso goes through the floor

Harry Reid's hate-filled spit speech on Senate floor new low. A pile of vile bile.Joe Manchin steps up with dignity.

The NBA just officially announced a $94.1 million salary cap -- and an $84.7 million salary FLOOR per team -- for next season

Gigantic douche @SenatorReid called Steve Bannon a "champion of white supremacy," on the floor of the Senate today. Dumber is not possible.

I have came to a conclusion that in 2020 I will be running for president against Kanye west,pick your mouths up off the floor ,let's get it

Dealers on the floor of the New York stock exchange greet. Clinton's concession speech with cries of "Lock her up, Lock her up"....

More Comments with floor...

.@SenatorReid will give a speech about Steve Bannon on the Senate floor Tuesday

It's a misconception that NBA teams HAVE to spend to get to the salary cap floor... If you fall below, $$$ just get bumped to your players.

Okay lang may pasa basta nakakapagpasa ng batas! Congrats again Champ! The Majority Floor Leader & the Ring Leader!

Open the door, get on the floor, everybody do the dinosaur.....

How 2016 ends at @Politico World HQ in Rosslyn: a cracked pipe in a 9th floor bathroom leaking sewage onto the 8th floor where newsroom is.

Reid tells me he'll make a floor speech about Bannon tomorrow

PMLN's submission of the Qatar Prince letter today in court proves that Nawaz Sharif lied on the floor of the house:

Check it out. This is the mail slot on the 3rd floor of @nytimes where Trump tax records were sent to @susannecraig

Either Nawaz Sharif lied in court today or he lied on the floor of the Parliment! Either way his goose is cooked!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does floor stand for?
floor stands for "laughing".
How to abbreviate "laughing"?
"laughing" can be abbreviated as floor.
What is the meaning of floor abbreviation?
The meaning of floor abbreviation is "laughing".
What is floor abbreviation?
One of the definitions of floor is "laughing".
What does floor mean?
floor as abbreviation means "laughing".
What is shorthand of laughing?
The most common shorthand of "laughing" is floor.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word floor in term.