What does Gamer mean?

Gamer means Video game player

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What is the abbreviation for Video game player?

Video game player can be abbreviated as Gamer
What does Gamer mean? It stands for Video game player
Gamer - Video game player in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Gamer

I am so awful at video game campaigns. I have absolutely no patience. Multiplayer gamer for life.

The # of schools with esports gamer scholarships has risen to 15, according to @mannyanekal

It makes me so sad that within a year you can buy my graphics cards for less than half the price I did. As is the life of a PC gamer...

Eu mando um email para o cara avisando que ele ganhou um PC GAMER, olha o que ele responde HEUEHUEHEUEHUEHUEHEU

Dak wasn't great but he was a gamer when it mattered most

I'm a casual gamer. I love gaming, but I play with emotion more than focus or skill. I'm glad there's a place for me (and you) in the Tower.

Gyorgy Levay, a gamer who lost his hands to meningitis, and two fellow grad students have built a foot-activated video game controller.

Dear @jack: You ignored women during Gamer Gate. You ignored the hate thrown at POC. You ignored anti-Semitic images hurled at journos.

Esenciales para la sala de un gamer #EstadoPlay

#Concours Tente ta chance sur Insta pour gagner un AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme ! :)

More Comments with Gamer...

Whoa??? I got nominated for trending gamer? I beg of you please go vote!!!!!

YES I was nomiated for Trending Gamer at the game awards and YES I see TONS of you voting for me! thank you!

This is why Faker is the greatest video gamer on planet earth currently. When others practice, he goes next level

Kinda weird but I got nominated for "Trending Gamer" for The Game Awards 2016

The last time the Red Sox swept the Yankees in a series of four games or more was June 4-7, 1990. This is 28th four-gamer or more since then

Porque gamer / artista preparado, vale por mil. #videogames #funny

Hey, my @survivetheark cover story for PC Gamer is out in the wild. Neato.

Security experts believe a disgruntled gamer may have caused the biggest DDoS attack of 2016

The PC Gamer Holiday Gift Guide


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Gamer stand for?
Gamer stands for "Video game player".
How to abbreviate "Video game player"?
"Video game player" can be abbreviated as Gamer.
What is the meaning of Gamer abbreviation?
The meaning of Gamer abbreviation is "Video game player".
What is Gamer abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Gamer is "Video game player".
What does Gamer mean?
Gamer as abbreviation means "Video game player".
What is shorthand of Video game player?
The most common shorthand of "Video game player" is Gamer.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Gamer in term.