What does wud mean?

wud means What's Up Dog

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for What's Up Dog?

What's Up Dog can be abbreviated as wud
What does wud mean? It stands for What`s Up Dog
wud - What`s Up Dog in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having wud

After PM modelled for Reliance product, wud anyone have courage to take any action against Reliance in any case?

When PM himself modelled for this product, wud anyone in GOI have courage to take action on this

Happy Bday Sir Gary Sobers.The way u destroyed opposition with ur batting& bowling they wud hav never said u r Sober

@capt_amarinder And I thot u creatd ths forum for ppl.I won't b d only 1 readng ur report card.Whole punjab wud.Dont hide in a bunker,Capt


i feel guilty 4 lying 2 myself & my family that their worrries were not warranted & that nobody in their right mind wud make donald our prez

Lost at stroke of mid night.And now they'll be harassed by petty officials who wud want their pound of flesh

@S1dharthM & #KatrinaKaif wud love to meet these Bollywood stars. @BaarBaarDekho_ #BigTalkies 7pm @rjanirudhchawla

CM on a holiday leaving ppl at mercy of utterly inefficient govt. Not that his presence wud've made much difference!

Da real always wanted me around n da fake wud always get quite wen I come around mo which 1 where u slim

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Keeping my fingers crossed for DUSU result..Going by the fact tht @nsui won 33/44 colleges in DU, we wud win all 4 seats in DUSU #NSUI5232 !

.@viralbollywood why on earth wud u run this kind of a pubic review.We all know how its done he same places same people why make it #abusive

Had Trump not conceded now of defeat instead of Hillary - Left Wing media wud hav said "Male Chauvinism, Anti Woman attitude, RW arrogance"

Luckily there is no #RealEstate price available like #stock price on a #Screen else lot of us wud suddenly see a huge #M2M drop in Networth

Update: MKC prod (not entire plant) slated to move to Mex No jobs wud have been lost Ford changed plan due in part to Trump tax/reg agenda

C'mon: If he'd exposed Trump emails chattering class wud have called him a hero: Assange's WikiLeaks partisanship

If u have a dream to do anything, just start it and start looking for folks who think in the same line with u. Pretty soon partners wud come

Not to politicize this.. but, do you guys think GEJ wud have treated our Athletes or Keshi's Family the way Buhari has treated them???

Read this. V damning allegations against Modi ji. Kudos to IE for showing courage. Wud other media show courage?


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does wud stand for?
wud stands for "What's Up Dog".
How to abbreviate "What's Up Dog"?
"What's Up Dog" can be abbreviated as wud.
What is the meaning of wud abbreviation?
The meaning of wud abbreviation is "What's Up Dog".
What is wud abbreviation?
One of the definitions of wud is "What's Up Dog".
What does wud mean?
wud as abbreviation means "What's Up Dog".
What is shorthand of What's Up Dog?
The most common shorthand of "What's Up Dog" is wud.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word wud in term.