What does Am mean?

Am means Antemeridian

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What is the abbreviation for Antemeridian?

Antemeridian can be abbreviated as Am
What does Am mean? It stands for Antemeridian
Am - Antemeridian in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Am

I am in tears

So sorry to @dunhilllinks that I am unable to now play this week coz of other commitments . Good luck to everyone playing !

And I am so proud of @HeyViolet and I am laughing at this simultaneously, love you guys awesome work xx

I am going to repeal and replace ObamaCare. We will have MUCH less expensive and MUCH better healthcare. With Hillary, costs will triple!

why am I in an uber listening to smooth jazz?

#IVotedBecause I believe in equality, we need comprehensive immigration reform, I am pro-choice and global warming IS real. #ImWithHer

I am definitely with Her for the sake of not having Him in the White House, however, my point was to shed light on things purposefully muted

guys thank you so much for the sweet trend. I'm blown away by ur love every single day & will never get tired of telling u how thankful I am

this is how excited i am for guys my age to come out lol

I am very proud to have brought the subject of illegal immigration back into the discussion. Such a big problem for our country-I will solve

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I am really going to miss these guys.

I am sincerely disgusted


there is someone on this planet living with perfect skin and perfect mental health and that person is not me and i am jealous

Reality check from @DavidAxelrod, who scolds critics of Trump's transition progress via @DCExaminer

I am so honored. Thank you, President Obama. @POTUS

if i sound depressed it's because i am

why do I continue to listen to Frank Ocean after 1:05 am when I know I am guaranteed to be in my feelings

It's strange, but who am I to judge? #BenedictCumberbatch


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What does Am stand for?
Am stands for "Antemeridian".
How to abbreviate "Antemeridian"?
"Antemeridian" can be abbreviated as Am.
What is the meaning of Am abbreviation?
The meaning of Am abbreviation is "Antemeridian".
What is Am abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Am is "Antemeridian".
What does Am mean?
Am as abbreviation means "Antemeridian".
What is shorthand of Antemeridian?
The most common shorthand of "Antemeridian" is Am.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Am in term.

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