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AA Assisted Ascent    
AAS Alternative Air Source    
AAUS American Academy of Underwater Sciences    
ABC airway, breathing, circulation    
ABJ Adjustable Buoyancy Jacket    
ABLJ Adjustable Buoyancy Life Jacket    
ABT Actual Bottom Time    
ACI Assistant Club Instituteuctor    
ACI Assistant Club Instructor    
AD Advanced Divisionr    
AD Advanced Diver    
ADT Actual Division Time    
AEDU Admiralty Experimental Divisionng Unit    
AGE Arterial Gas Embolism    
AI Assistant Instructor    
AIC Advanced Instituteuctor Course    
AIC Advanced Instructor Course (BSAC)    
AISE Association of Independent Scuba Educators    
AMDT Adjusted Maximum Division Time    
ANDI American Nitrox Divisionrs Incorporated    
AODC Association of Offshore Divisionng Contractors    
AOW Advanced Open Water    
AP absolute pressure    
AP Ambient Pressure    
ASF Australian Speleological Federation    
ATEA Amphibian Tank Escape Apparatus    
ATM Atmosphere    
AUF Australian Underwater Federation    
BC Buoyancy Compensator    
BCD Buoyancy Control Device    
BCD Buoyancy Compensator Device    
BCRA British Cave Research Association    
BHA British Hyperbaric Association    
BIBS Built-In Breathing System    
BP Backplate    
BPR Back-Pressure Regulator    
BSAC British Sub-Aqua Club    
BT Bottom Time    
BWRAF Begin with Review and Friend    
CADC Canadian Association of Divisionng Contractors    
CADC Canadian Association of Diving Contractors    
CAGE Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism    
CAUS Canadian Association For Underwater Science    
CCBA Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus    
CCR Closed Circuit Rebreather    
CDG Cave Divers Group    
CDG Cave Divisionrs Group    
CESA Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent    
CM Cutis Marmorata    
CNS Central Nervous System