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CD circular dichroic    
CD Conjugated dienes    
CDART Conserved Domain Architecture Retrieval Tool    
CDD Cytidine Deaminase    
CDI Cell Division Index    
CDIC cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain    
Cdk Cell Division Kinase    
CDKI Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitory    
cdks cyclin-cyclin dependent kinases    
CDM Chemically Defined Medium    
CDR Complementary determining regions    
CDR Chromosome Dimer Resolution    
CDR Common Deleted Region    
CDRs Common Deleted Regions    
CDRs complementarity-determining regions    
CDRs Critically Deleted Regions    
CDS commonly deleted segment    
CDS Chromosome Disk Sequence    
CDSs Coding DNA sequences    
CDT Cytolethal Distending Toxin    
CDTB Cytolethal Distending Toxin B    
CDTs cytolethal distending toxins    
CE central element    
ce Contact Effect    
CE colony efficiency    
Ce Caenorhabditis elegans    
Ce cornified envelope    
Ce ciliary epithelium    
CE chick erythrocyte    
CE Cholesterol Ester    
CE Columnar Epithelia    
CE cellular extract    
CEC Chick Embryo Cells    
CEC critical electrolyte concentration    
CECs cerebral endothelial cells    
CED Cleared extrachromosomal domain    
CEF chick embryo fibroblast    
CEF Chicken embryonic fibroblast    
CEFs chicken embryonic fibroblasts    
CEH conserved extended haplotype    
CEI Converting Enzyme Inhibitor    
CEL Carboxyl Ester Lipase    
CEL Conserved Effector Locus    
CELC Chick Embryonic Liver Cultures    
CELF Chromosomally Encoded Leaderless Fusions    
CEP Centromeric Enumeration Probes    
CEPs Carboxyl Extension Proteins    
CEPX Chromosome Enumeration Probes    
CER Common Eliminated Region    
CERP cholesterol efflux regulatory protein