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AAS Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy    
AED Auger Electron Diffraction    
AES Auger Electron Spectroscopy    
AFM Atomic Force Microscopy    
AFS Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy    
APFIM Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy    
APS Appearance Potential Spectroscopy    
ATR Attenuated Total Reflectance    
AXRS Anomalous X-Ray Scattering    
BiFC Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation    
BKD Backscatter Kikuchi Diffraction    
BRET Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer    
BSED Back Scattered Electron Diffraction    
C-AFM Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy    
CAICISS Coaxial Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy    
CARS Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy    
CBED convergent beam electron diffraction patterns    
CCM Charge Collection Microscopy    
CDI Coherent Diffraction Imaging    
CET Cryo-Electron Tomography    
CL Cathodoluminescence    
CLSM Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy    
COSY Correlation Spectroscopy    
cryo-EM Cryo-electron microscopy    
CV Cyclic Voltammetry    
dHvA de Haas van Alphen    
DIC Differential Interference Contrast    
DLS Dynamic Light Scattering    
DLTS Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy    
DMA Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (for Elastomers)    
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry    
DTA Differential Thermal Analysis    
DVS Dynamic Vapour Sorption    
EBIC Electron Beam-induced Current    
ECOSY Exclusive Correlation Spectroscopy    
ECT Electrical Capacitance Tomography    
EDAX energy dispersive analysis of X-rays    
EDMR Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance    
EDX Energy-Dispersive X-ray Analysis    
EDX energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry    
EELS Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy    
EFTEM Energy-filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy    
EID Electron-Induced Desorption    
EL electroluminescence    
ELS Electrophoretic Light Scattering    
EPMA Electron Probe Microanalysis    
EPR Electron Paramagnetic Resonance    
ERT Electrical Resistivity Tomography    
ES-MS electrospray mass spectrometry    
ESCA photoelectron spectroscopy for chemical analysis