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a.c. absolutely continuous    
a.e. almost everywhere    
a.m. Arithmetic Mean    
A.P. arithmetic progression    
a.s. almost surely    
AC Axiom of Choice (math)    
adj adjugate of a matrix    
Ai Airy function    
AL Action Limit    
alt Contralto    
arccos inverse cosine function    
arccosec inverse cosecant function    
arccot inverse cotangent function    
arccsc inverse cosecant function    
arcosech inverse hyperbolic cosecant function    
arcosh inverse hyperbolic cosine function    
arcoth inverse hyperbolic cotangent function    
arcsch inverse hyperbolic cosecant function    
arcsec inverse secant function    
arcsin inverse sine function    
arctan inverse tangent function    
arg argument of a complex number    
arg max argument of the maximum    
arg min argument of the minimum    
arsech inverse hyperbolic secant function    
arsinh inverse hyperbolic sine function    
artanh inverse hyperbolic tangent function    
Aut automorphism group    
Bi Airy function of the second kind    
c.f. cumulative frequency    
Card cardinality of a set    
CDF Cumulative Distribution Function    
Char Character    
Chi hyperbolic cosine integral function    
Ci cosine integral function    
cis cos i sin function    
Cl topological closure    
cod codomain    
codom codomain    
Cor corollary    
corr correlation    
COS Cosine    
cosec cosecant function    
cosech hyperbolic cosecant function    
cosh hyperbolic cosine function    
cot cotangent function    
coth hyperbolic cotangent function    
cov covariance of a pair of random variables    
csc cosecant function    
csch hyperbolic cosecant function