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17-OHCS 17-HydroxyCorticoSteroid    
3MGA 3-MethylGlutaconic Aciduria    
4B9 Gc-globulin (4B9) Antibody    
5HIAA 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid    
A Albino guinea pig    
A/b antibody    
A/G albumin-to-globulin    
AA Amyloid-associated    
AAA A trial of Aspirin Against no Aspirin    
AAAAA AHo's Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy    
AABB American Association of Blood Banks    
AAMPS Amino Acid and Metabolizable Protein System    
AAMX Aceto Acet M Xylidine    
AAR AST / ALT Ratio    
AAT Alpha1-AntiTrypsin    
AAV Adeno Associated Viruses    
AB Aerobic Bacteria    
ABBL Algae Biofuels and Biofluids Laboratory    
ABC Adaptive Behavior Center    
ABC Antibody Binding Capacity    
ABCR Atp Binding Cassette Retina    
ABDR Alaska Birth Defects Registry    
ABDU American Black Duck    
ABEP Auditory Brainstem Evoked Potential    
ABG Aerobic Bacterial Generator    
ABH ABO blood group antigens (A = type A; B = type B; H = typo O)    
abl Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory    
ABN Abnormal    
ABP Actin Bundling Protein    
ABS able-bodied subjects    
ABS Absorbed    
ABS Associated Biomedical Systems, Inc.    
ABT Applied Biological Technology    
ABU Acceptance for Beneficial Use    
AC Active Component    
AC Anticoagulation Clinic    
ACA Anhydrous Codeine Alkaloid    
ACAL Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory    
ACAM Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring    
ACC Absolute Concentration Curve    
ACDS Acetyl Coenzyme-A Decarboxylase Synthase    
ACE Arthritis Control Electrostimulator    
ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme    
ACEI Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibition    
ACES Atherosclerotic Calcification Eradication Study    
ACFM Automatic Cell Factory Manipulator    
ACFS Application of Cognitive Functions Scale    
ACGM Asialo Cowpers Gland Mucin    
ACI Anabolic Catabolic Index    
ACIL Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory