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anon. anonymous    
ante. before    
bk. book    
bks. book    
c. around a given date    
c. Circa    
ca. circa    
ca. around a given date    
cf. compare    
cf. confer    
cf. ante confer ante    
cf. post confer post    
ch. Chapter    
chs. chapter    
comp. ccompiler    
comps. ccompiler    
diss. dissertation    
ed. edit    
eds. edit    
et al. et alii    
et al. et alia    
et seq. and the following    
ff. following page    
ibid. ibidem    
Ibid. in the same place    
ibidem in the same place    
illus. illustration    
infra below    
j. following page    
l. line    
ll. line    
loc. cit. Loco citato    
loc. cit. in the place cited    
MS Manuscript    
mss manuscript    
n. note    
n. pag. no pagination    
n.d. No Date    
n.p. no publisher    
n.p. no place    
nn. note    
NO. Number    
nos. number    
op. cit. in the work cited    
Op. Cit. Opere Citato    
p. Page    
passim all over, here and there    
pp. page    
q.v. quod vide    
q.v. go to another place