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A.L.B. Bachelor of Liberal Arts    
A.Mus.D. Doctor of Musical Arts    
AA Associate of Arts    
AAA Associate of Applied Arts    
AAB Associate of Applied Business    
AAH Associate in Allied Health    
AAN Associate of Arts in Nursing    
AARCF American Association for Respiratory Care Fellow    
AART American Registry for Radiologic Technologists    
AAS Associate in Applied Science    
AAS Associate of Arts and Sciences    
AAT Associate of Arts in Teaching    
AAT Associate of Applied Technology    
ab Associate in Business    
AB Bachelor of Arts    
ABA Associate of Business Administration    
ABL Bachelor of Liberal Arts    
ACP Applied Cognitive Psychology    
ACRN AIDS Certified Registered Nurse    
AD Associate Degree    
ADBldgDes Associate Degree of Building Design    
ADBldgSurv Associate Degree of Building Surveying    
ADBus Associate Degree of Business    
ADEng Associate Degree of Engineering    
ADIT Associate Degree of Information Technology    
ADJour Associate Degree of Journalism    
ADLM Associate Degree of Learning Management    
ADMmSt Associate Degree of Multimedia Studies    
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing    
AE Associate of Engineering    
AEMSN Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing    
AES Associate of Engineering Science    
AET Associate in Engineering Technology    
AF Associate of Forestry    
AFA Associate of Fine Arts    
AGS Associate of General Studies    
AIT Associate of Industrial Technology    
ALM Master of Liberal Arts    
AMSc Associate in Medical Science    
AN Associate of Nursing    
ANP Adult Nurse Practitioner    
AOCN Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse    
AOCN American Oncology Certified Nurse    
AOCNP Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner    
AOS Associate in Occupational Studies    
AOT Associate in Occupational Technology    
APMC Advanced Project Management Certification    
APN Advanced Practice Nurse    
APNP Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber    
APRN Advanced Practice Registered Nurse