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Look through 144 acronyms and abbreviations related to Cultural anthropology:

ACIS American Conference for Irish Studies    
ASA African Studies Association    
ASA American Studies Association    
ASALH Association for the Study of African-American Life and History    
ASC African Studies Centre    
ASN Association for the Study of Nationalities    
BASOR Bulletin of the American School of Oriental Research    
BSOAS Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies    
CAAS Centre for Arabic and African Studies    
CALES Centre for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies    
CANMES Canadian Committee of the Middle East Studies Association    
CAPAS Center for Asia Pacific Area Studies    
CAPI Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives    
CASA Canadian Asian Studies Association    
CASA Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam    
CASS Center for Asian Security Studies    
CAUS Centre for Arab Unity Studies    
CBRL Council for British Research in the Levant    
CCAS Center for Contemporary Arab Studies    
CCASLS Canadian Council of Area Studies Learned Societies    
CCAsP Caucasus and Central Asia Program    
CCC Contemporary China Centre    
CCP Centre for the Contemporary Pacific    
CCSEAS Canadian Council of Southeast Asian Studies    
CESR Central Eurasian Studies Review    
CESS Central Eurasian Studies Society    
CGCEH Conference Group for Central European History    
CIAS Central and Inner Asia Seminar    
CJAS Canadian Journal of African Studies    
CMEAS Consortium for Middle Eastern and African Studies    
CMENAS Center for Middle East and North African Studies    
CREECA Center for Russia East Europe and Central Asia    
CSAAR Centre for the Study of Australia-Asia Relations    
EAAU East Asia Analytical Unit    
EAC Euro-Asia Centre    
EAI East Asian Institute    
EARS East Asian Research Society    
ECSIEP European Centre on Pacific Issues    
EIASIME Edinburgh Institute for the Advanced Study of Islam and the Middle East    
EISAWI Edinburgh Institute for the Study of the Arab World and Islam    
ELNWS European League for Non-Western Studies    
ESCA Ethnogenesis of South and Central Asia    
ESCAS European Society for Central Asia Studies    
ESIND European Studies on India Database    
ExEAS Expanding East Asian Studies Columbia    
IOS Israel Oriental Society    
IPs Institute of Pacific Studies    
IRCC Institute for Research on Contemporary China    
IRCJS International Research Center for Japanese Studies    
IRS Institute of Regional Studies