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ACV Alpha Canes Venatici    
ACYG Alpha CYGni    
AGB Asymptotic Giant Branch    
AGN Active Galactic Nucleus    
AXP Anomalous X-Ray Pulsar    
BCD Blue Compact Dwarf    
BCEP Beta CEPhei    
BCG Blue Compact Galaxy    
BD Brown Dwarf    
BHB Blue Horizontal Branch    
BHC Black Hole Candidate    
BHXRT Black Hole X-Ray Transient    
BHXT Black Hole X-Ray Transient    
BLL BL LACertae    
BLLAC BL LACertae    
BS Blue Straggler    
BSG Blue SuperGiant    
BSS Blue Straggler Star    
BY BY Draconis    
CBR Cosmic Background Radiation    
CC Candidate Companion    
CCO Central Compact Object    
CCS Cool Carbon Star    
CEMP Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor    
CEP CEPheid    
CG Compact Galaxy    
CG Cometary Globule    
CGCS Cool Galactic Carbon Star    
CIBR Cosmic Infrared Background Radiation    
CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation    
CNB Cosmic Neutrino Background    
CSE Circumstellar Envelope    
CSPN Central Star of Planetary Nebula    
CTTS Classical T Tauri Star    
CV Cataclysmic Variable    
CW Cepheid W Virginis    
CWA Cepheid W Virginis A    
CWB Cepheid W Virginis B    
CXBR Cosmic X-ray Background Radiation    
DCEP Delta Cepheid    
DDEB Double-lined eclipsing binary    
DIB Diffuse Interstellar Band    
dn Dwarf Novae    
DN Dwarf Nova    
DNS Double Neutron Star    
DS Dwarf Star    
E Eclipsing    
EA Eclipsing Algol    
EC Embedded Cluster    
ECA Earth Crossing Asteroid