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A&L Approach and Landing    
AA Airplane Avionics    
AA air-to-air    
AABNCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post    
AAFE Advanced Applications Flight Equipment    
AAH Advanced Attack Helicopter    
AAL Above Aerodrome Level    
AB Avionics Bay    
ABCP Airborne Command Post    
ABD Airborne Ballistics Division    
ABETS airborne beacon test set    
ABI Avionics Bus Interface    
ABL aircraft-based laser    
ABL Airborne Laser    
ABLE Airborne Laser Evaluation    
ABMCP airborne military command post    
ABNCP Airborne National Command Post    
acap Advanced Computer Airframe Program    
ACARE Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe    
ACE Attitude Control Electronics    
ACEL Air Crew Equipment Laboratory    
ACEU AeroControl Electronics Unit    
ACIP Aerodynamic Coefficient Identification Package    
ACME Attitude Control and Maneuvering Electronics    
ACP Airborne Command Post    
ACS Aft Crew Station    
ACU Avionics Cooling Unit    
ACUO Avionics Cooling Unit Operator    
AdAeS Advances in Aeronautical Sciences    
ADC Aerospace Defense Command    
ADFRF Ames/Dryden Flight Research Facility    
AdR Aerospace and Defense Research    
AE&AT Aircraft Engineering & Aerospace Technology    
AET Aerosurface End-to-end Test    
AFA Airframe Assembly    
AFAPL Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory    
AFC Automatic Flight Control    
AFCAC African Civil Aviation Commission    
AFCS Automatic Flight Control System    
AFD Assistant Flight Director    
AFD Aft Flight Deck    
AFDE Aft Flight Deck Equipment    
AFDO Aft Flight Deck Operator    
AFDR Ascent Flight Design Review    
AFFDL Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory    
AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center    
AFO Announced Flight Opportunity    
AFS Ascent Flight System    
AFSIG Ascent Flight System Integration Group    
AFSRT avionics flight systems readiness test