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1/2NS half normal saline (0.45%)    
10d ten day    
30d thirty day    
90d ninety day    
A Agar    
A.C. after food (ante cibum) [Lat.]    
a.c. before meals (ante sebum)    
A.C. Ante Cibum (before meals)    
A.M. Ante Meridiem (take before noon)    
AA Amino Acid    
AA Of each (Ana)    
aa equal part of each    
AAAD,KJA An Apple A Day, Keeps Jen Away    
ACD (solution) citric acid, sodium citrate & dextrose    
ACEI angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor    
ACIP Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices    
ACMD Advisory Council of Many Drugs    
ACST Acasti Pharma Inc (NASDAQ Stock Exchange [NASDAQ])    
ACT airway clearance therapy    
ACU Acupuncture    
AD Auris Dextra (right ear)    
AD Right Ear    
AD FIN Ad Finem (to the end)    
AD LIB Ad Libitum (use as much as one desires)    
ad. lib. as you desire or need    
ADC(s) antibody-drug conjugate(s)    
ADR Adverse Drug Reaction    
AER Adverse Event Reporting    
AFC Anti-Fungal Cream    
AGIT Agita (Agitate, Stir, or Shake)    
AI Anti-Inflammatory    
AK Anti-Keloid    
AL Auris Laeva (left ear)    
AL Ad libitum    
ALT. H. Alternis Horis - (every other hour)    
AMG ArzeneiMittelGesetz (West Germany drug law)    
amp. ampoule    
Anti-TNF Anti-tumor necrosis factor drugs    
APC aspirin, phenacetin & caffeine    
APC aspirin, phenacetin & codeine    
AQ Aqueaous solution (with water)    
ARB Angiotensin receptor blocker (antagonist)    
ARB(s) angiotensin-receptor blocker(s)    
ARO Antibiotic Resistant Organisms    
ART Antiretroviral Therapy (HIV)    
ART Anti-Retroviral Therapy    
AS Atropine Sulphate    
AS Auricle Sinistrus (Left Ear)