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Look through 131 acronyms and abbreviations related to Otolaryngology:

AA Arytenoid Aduction    
ABR Auditory Brainstem Response    
AHI apnea-hypopnea index baseline    
AI apnea index    
AIED Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease    
ALD Assistive Listening Device    
AOM Acute Otitis Media    
AR Allergic Rhinitis    
ATH Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy    
AVM Arteriovenous Malformation    
BAER Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response    
BAHA Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid    
BCC Basal Cell Carcinoma    
BMT Bilateral Myringotomy And Tubes    
BOA Behavioral Observation Audiometry    
BOTOX Botulinum Toxin    
BPPV Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo    
BTE Behind the Ear    
BX Biopsy    
CHL Conductive Hearing Loss    
COM Chronic Otitis Media    
COME chronic otitis media with effusion    
CPA CerebelloPontine Angle    
CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure    
CROS contralateral routing of signal    
CSF Cerebrospinal Fluid    
CT Computed Tomography    
CVA Cerebrovascular Accident    
DCR Dacrocystorhinostomy    
DL direct laryngoscopy    
EAC External Auditory Canal    
EBV Epstein-Barr virus    
ECOG Electrocochleography    
EMG Electromyography    
eng electronystagmogram    
ENoG Electroneurography    
ENT Ear nose and throat    
ESS Endoscopic Sinus Surgery    
ETD Eustachian Tube Dysfunction    
ETT Endotracheal tube    
FB Foreign Body    
FEES Functional Endscopic Evaluation Of Swallowing    
FESS Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery    
FFL Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy    
ITC ITE in the Canal    
ITC Invisible in the Canal    
ITE In the Ear    
JNA Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma    
LAUP Laser Assisted Uvulopalatopalatoplasty    
Lemg Laryngeal Electromyography