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ADN Aortic Depressor Nerve    
ADN Antideoxyribonuclease    
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing    
AIN Acute Interstitial Nephritis    
AIN Anterior Interosseous Nerve    
AIN American Institute of Nutrition    
AIN Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia    
AINS Anti-inflammatory Nonsteroidal    
AINS Anterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome    
AIPFP Acute Idiopathic Peripheral Facial Nerve Palsy    
AIS Anterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome    
ANAS auditory nerve activating substance    
ANAS anastomosis    
ANGFA antinerve growth factor antibody    
ANI Acute Nerve Irritation    
ANO Amiodarone Neuropathy Of The Optic Nerve    
ANRI Acute Nerve Root Irritation    
ANTI-PNM AB Anti-peripheral Nerve Myelin Antibody    
C1 First Cervical Nerve    
C1 First Component Of Complement    
C1 First Cervical Vertebra    
C2 Second Cervical Nerve    
C3 Third Cervical Nerve    
C4 Fourth Component Of Complement    
C4 Fourth Cervical Nerve    
C4 Fourth Cervical Vertebra    
C4 Controlled Collapse Chip Connection    
C5 Fifth Component Of Complement    
C5 Fifth Cervical Vertebra    
C5 Fifth Cervical Nerve    
C6 Sixth Cervical Vertebra    
C6 Sixth Cervical Nerve    
C6 Sixth Component of Complement    
C7 Seventh Component of Complement    
C7 Seventh Cervical Vertebra    
C7 Seventh Cervical Nerve    
CI First Cranial Nerve    
CII Second Cranial Nerve    
CIII Third Cranial Nerve    
CIV Fourth Cranial Nerve    
CIX-CXII Ninth To Twelfth Cranial Nerves    
CN Cranial Nerve    
CN (2-12) Cranial Nerves    
CN I First Cranial Nerve    
CN II Second Cranial Nerve    
CN III Third Cranial Nerve    
CN IV Fourth Cranial Nerve    
CN IX Ninth Cranial Nerve    
CN VI Sixth Cranial Nerve    
CN VII Seventh Cranial Nerve