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ACTC Alpha-actin, Cardiac Muscle    
AD Abductor Digiti Minimi    
AHMA Antiheart Muscle Autoantibody    
AHMA American Holistic Medicine Association    
AHMD Alcoholic Heart Muscle Disease    
AMA Arm Muscle Area    
AMB anomalous muscle bundle    
AMB Avian Myeloblastosis    
AMB anteromedial bundle    
AMB Amphotericin B    
AMC Arm Muscle Circumference    
AMF Antimuscle Factor    
AMR acoustic muscle reflex    
AP Adductor Pollicis    
APM Anterior Papillary Muscle    
ARMD Age-related Muscle Degeneration    
ASM Airway Smooth Muscle    
ASM anterior scalenus muscle    
ASMA Antismooth Muscle Antibody    
AsMA Aerospace Medical Association    
ASMC Arterial Smooth Muscle Cell    
ASMD Anterior Segment Mesenchymal Dysgenesis    
ASMD atonic sclerotic muscle dystrophy    
BESM bovine embryonic skeletal muscle    
BJM Bones, Joints, And Muscles    
BMJ Bones Muscles Joints    
BSMC Bronchial Smooth Muscle Cell    
C-SMART Cardiomyoplasty-Skeletal Muscle Assist Randomized Trial    
CKM Creatine Kinase, Muscle Type    
CKMB creatine kinase muscle band    
CKMM Creatine Kinase, Muscle Type    
CM circular muscle    
Cm Cardiac Muscle    
CMAP Compound Muscle Action Potential    
CPM circumference of papillary muscle    
CTM Cricothyroid Muscle    
CVSMC Cultured Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells    
DAOM Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle    
DMC Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen    
DMC duration of muscle contraction    
DMC Direct Microscopic Count    
DMR Depolarizing Muscle Relaxant    
DMT Dynamometer Muscle Testing    
ECM embryonic chick muscle    
EMAP Environmental Monitoring And Assessment Program (US EPA)    
EMAP evoked muscle action potential    
EMPS exertional muscle pain syndrome    
EMS electric muscle stimulation    
EOM Extraocular muscle    
EOMI extraocular muscles intact