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Look through 120 acronyms and abbreviations related to Medical education:

AAN Associate of Arts in Nursing    
AAS Associate in Applied Science    
ANP Adult Nurse Practitioner    
AOCN Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse    
AOCNP Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner    
APLS Advanced Pediatric Life Support    
APN Advanced Practice Nurse    
APRN Advanced Practice Registered Nurse    
ARNP Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner    
ASCP American Society for Clinical Pathology    
ASN Associate of Science in Nursing    
ASNC American Society of Nuclear Cardiology    
BHS Bachelor of Health Science    
BMS Bachelor of Medical Science    
BS Bachelor of Science (clear in education line)    
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing    
BSPH Bachelor of Science in Public Health    
BSW Bachelor of Social Work    
BVMS Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Science    
CCE Certified Childbirth Educator    
CCRN Critical Care Registered Nurse    
CDA Certified Dental Assistant    
CDN Certified Dialysis Nurse    
CEN Certified Emergency Nurse    
CGRN Certified Gastroenterology Registered Nurse    
CHES Certified Health Education Specialist    
CLT Certified Laboratory Technician    
CM Certified Midwife    
CMA Certified Medical Assistant    
CNM Certified Nurse Midwifery    
CNN Certified Nephrology Nurse    
CNP Certified Nurse Practitioner    
CNS Clinical Nurse Specialist    
CO Certified Orthotist    
COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant    
CP Certified Prosthetist    
CPAN Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse    
CPFT Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist    
CPN Certified Pediatric Nurse    
CPON Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse    
CRNA Certified registered nurse anesthetist    
CRNI Certified Registered Nurse Infusion    
CRRN Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse    
CRT Certified Respiratory Therapist    
CRTT Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician    
CWCN Certified Wound Care Nurse    
DC Doctor of Chiropractic    
DCP Diploma in Clinical Pathology    
DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery    
DN Doctor of Nursing