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AAR after action report    
AC Area Command    
AC-OCME Area Command-Office of Chief Medical Examiner    
ACP Area Command Post    
ACP SO Area Command Post Safety Officer    
AI Avian Influenza    
ALS Advanced Life Support    
ARC American Red Cross    
B-OCME NYC Borough Office of Chief Medical Examiner    
BCP Body Collection Point    
BLS Basic life support    
BSL BioSafety Lab    
BT Bioterrorism    
BX-OCME NYC Bronx Office of Chief Medical Examiner    
CIC Citywide Interagency Coordinator    
CIMS Citywide Incident Management System    
City New York City    
COH Commissioner of Health    
Comm IT Communication/Information Technology    
COP Common Operating Picture    
COSH New York Committee of Occupational Safety and Health    
CP command post    
DCAS Department of Citywide Administration Services    
DDRP Distributed Death Registration Process    
DDRS Distributed Death Registration System    
DMORT Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team    
DNA Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid    
DOA dead on arrival    
DOC Drug of Choice    
DOD United States Department of Defense    
DOHMH NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene    
DOHMH OC NYC DOHMH Operations Center    
DoITT NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications    
DPMU Disaster Portable Morgue Unit    
DSNY Department of Sanitation, New York City    
DVI Disaster Victim Identification    
ED Emergency Department    
EDRS Electronic Death Registration System    
EENT eyes ears nose and throat    
EMS Emergency medical service    
EMS Earn Money Sleeping (joke At Expense Of Emergency Medical Service)    
eoc Emergency Operation Center    
ESF Emergency Support Function    
FAC Family Assistance Center    
FDNY Fire Department for the City of New York    
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency    
GNYHA Greater New York Hospital Association    
HAN Health Alert Network    
HASP Health And Safety Plan    
HCF Healthcare Facility