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ASCB American Society for Cell Biology    
ASIC Acid-Sensing Channel    
ATCC American Type Culture Collection    
CA Cell Aberrations    
CAFC Cobblestone Area-Forming Cell    
CaK Cell Adhesion Kinase    
CAM Cell Adhesion Molecule    
CAMs Cell Adhesion Molecules    
CAR Cell Adhesion Regulator    
CAS cellular apoptosis susceptibility    
CBCL Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma    
CBMN Cells Cytokinesis Block Micronucleus    
CBN Cellular Blue Nevi    
CBSCT Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation    
CC Cumulus cells    
CC Cell Counts    
CC Cooperating Cells    
cc Cellular Cycle    
CCA Conventional Cytogenetic Analysis    
CCA Conventional Chromosome Analysis    
CCA Current Cost Accounting    
CCC Continuous Cytogenetic Conversion    
CCC Complete Cytogenetic Conversion    
CCD Coli Cytidine Deaminase    
CCEM Cytochemical Electronic Microscopy    
CCGH Competitive Comparative Genome Hybridisation    
CCH Constitutive Centromeric Heterochromatin    
CCK Cell Cycle Kinetics    
CCL Cell Cycle Length    
CCLs CC Chemokine Ligands    
CCO Cytochrome C Oxidase    
CCP Cytochrome C Peroxidase    
CCP Camphoramine Chloroacetic Platinum    
CCR Complete Cytogenetic Remission    
CCR Carbon Catabolite Repression    
CDI Cell Division Index    
CDIC cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain    
Cdk Cell Division Kinase    
CDKI Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitory    
cdks cyclin-cyclin dependent kinases    
CDM Chemically Defined Medium    
CDR Common Deleted Region    
CDR Chromosome Dimer Resolution    
CDR Complementary determining regions    
CDRs Critically Deleted Regions    
CDRs Common Deleted Regions    
CDRs complementarity-determining regions    
CDS Chromosome Disk Sequence    
CDS commonly deleted segment    
CDSs Coding DNA sequences