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A Arterial blood    
A Blood Group A    
AABB American Association of Blood Banks    
AABB axis-aligned bounding boxes    
AB Blood Group AB    
AB-SAAP Autologous Blood Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion    
ABC alum, blood and charcoal    
ABC American Blood Commission    
ABC alum, blood and clay    
ABCD Appropriate Blood Pressure Control in Diabetes    
ABCD Asymmetry, Borders Are Irregular, Color Variegated, Diameter    
ABF Aortobifemoral    
ABF Aortic Blood Flow    
ABG Arterial Blood Gas "Sats"    
ABG Axiobuccogingival    
ABL Abelson proto-oncogene    
ABL African Burkitt lymphoma    
ABL Abetalipoproteinemia    
ABL acceptable blood loss    
ABL Acute Basophilic Leukemia    
ABLES Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology And Surveillance    
ABO Blood Group System    
ABP Automatic Systolic Blood Pressure Measurement    
ABP Arterial Blood Pressure    
ABP Ambulatory Blood Pressure    
ABP Antigen-Binding Protein    
ABP Avidin-biotin Peroxidase    
ABPM ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system    
ABS Arterial Blood Pressure    
ABS Admitting Blood Sugar    
ABS Arterial Blood Sample    
ABS Adaptive Behavior Scale    
ABS Acidic Ammonium Bisulfate    
ABS Abdominal Surgery    
ABS Acute Brain Syndrome    
ABT Abstract Behavioral Type    
ABT Autologous Blood Transfusion    
ACB arterialized capillary blood    
ACB aortocoronary bypass    
ACB asymptomatic carotid bruit    
ACB antibody-coated bacteria    
ALT Alanine Transaminase    
ANA Antinuclear Antibody    
ANBP Australian National Blood Pressure    
APTH Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring and Treatment of Hypertension    
ASBMT American Society For Blood And Marrow Transplantation    
AST asparate aminotransferase    
AST Alanine Aminotransferase    
AUVIB Autotransfusion Of UV-irradiated Blood    
B Blood