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2IC Second in Command    
4 Ws Who is doing What, Where and When    
4 Ws Who's doing What, When and Where?    
AA Arakan Army    
AAA anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"    
AAF Anti American Faction    
ABC A Bunch of Communists    
ABCD Another Bad China Day    
ABNJ Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction    
ABS Air Breathing System    
ABS Access and Benefit Sharing    
ABSIE American Broadcasting Station in Europe    
AC Armed Constabulary    
ACBC African Capacity Building Centre    
ACC Administrative Committee on Coordination    
ACHR Asian Coalition for Housing Rights    
ACO Allied Command Operations    
ADB Asian Development Bank    
ADO Administrative Duty Officer    
AFEJ Asian Forum of Environmental Journalists    
AFICS Association of Former International Civil Servants    
AFNORTH Air Force North; Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)    
AFP Agency of Funds and Programmes    
AFPS Agency of Focal Points    
AHSE Assistance to Health Systems Expansion    
AIA Autocrats In Action    
AILAC Independent Association of Latin America and the Caribbean    
al Alabama Law    
AMIL All Money Is Legal    
AMLN Anti Money Laundering Network    
AMSAC Area Maritime Security Advisory Committee    
ANC All Nations Club    
ANC African National Commission    
ANSWER Act Now to Stop War & End Racism    
AOR Area of Responsibility. The assigned area to any given unit.    
AOSIS Alliance Of Small Island developing States    
AP 2000 United Nations Development Programme Asia-Pacific 2000 conference    
APDC Asia and Pacific Development Centre    
APICM Anti- Personnel Improved Conventional Munitions    
APTF Asia Pacific Task Force    
ARC Action Reinhardt Camps    
ARF ASEAN Regional Forum    
ARIA A Road to Iranians Ability    
ARMY Aren't Ready for Marines Yet    
ART Africa Resources Trust    
asc Area Security Coordinator    
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations    
asmt Area Security Management Team    
AT Absolute Terror    
ATI Alternativa de Transporte Integrado