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223 East-West US 223 (not an acronym)    
4C Four Corners (AZ, CO, NM, UT)    
68212 Postal code for Moernach, France    
AA Accountant-administratieconsulent (Netherlands)    
AA Aquele Abraco    
AAAI Advertising Agencies Association of India    
AAFA Association of Accountants, Financial Workers and Auditors    
aags Asia Association for Global Studies    
AAIP Afghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project    
AASDA Asante Akim South District Assembly    
AATWIN Alliance Against Trafficking of Women and girls In Nepal    
ABERD Aberdeen (Scotland)    
ABSG Abia State Government    
ACAA Afghan Civil Aviation Authority    
ACBAR Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief & Development    
ACE African, Caribbean, and European    
ACE American, Canadian, and English    
acgrc Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation    
ACME Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education    
ACP African, Caribbean, and Pacific    
ACTA Afghan Coalition for Transparency and Accountability    
ACTD Afghanistan Center for Trainings and Development    
ADSG Adamawa State Government    
AE Almost European    
AEELS Association of English Education and Literature Students    
AEP Asia, Europe, Pacific    
AFPAK Afghanistan-Pakistan    
AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Area    
AGS Austria Germany and Switzerland    
AHIC Almaguin Highlands Information Centre    
AIHRC Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission    
AIR All India Radio    
AIR All India Rank    
AJK Azad, Jammu, and Kashmir    
AK Azad Kashmir    
AKSG Akwa Ibom State Government    
AKX relating to the creator, that there is only one creator and that is our god. and other interpretion could be "welcome the gods"    
ALIB Adams Lake Indian Band    
ALNAP Active Learning Network For Accountability and Performance in humanitarian Action    
ALP Antigua Labour Party    
AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation    
AMEA Armenian Monitoring and Evaluation Association    
AMEA Asia, Middle East and Africa    
ANA Afghan National Army    
ANDMA Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority    
ANDS Afghanistan National Development Strategy    
ANE Ancient Near East    
ANZ Australia and New Zealand    
ANZA Australia, New Zealand, and Africa    
anza Association of New Zealand Advertisers