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AACX State of Alaska, Division of Agriculture    
AAIX ACS International Inc    
AAMX ACFA Arrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril S.A.    
AAR Association of American Railroads    
AARX Association of American Railroads    
ABEX Advanced BioEnergy    
ABFZ Arkansas Best Freight    
ABOX TTX Company    
ABRX AB Rail Investments Incorporated    
ABWX Asea Brown Boveri Incorporated    
ABYX Albany Recycling Services, Inc.    
ACAX Honeywell International Incorporated    
ACBX American Cast Iron Pipe Company    
ACCU Aboitiz Shipping Corp    
ACCX Consolidation Coal Company    
ACDX Honeywell International Incorporated    
ACFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation    
ACHD Atlantic City Harley Davidson    
ACIX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation    
ACLU Atlantic Container Line Limited    
ACLX American Car Line Company    
ACLZ Atlantic Container Line Ab    
ACMX Voith Hydro Incorporated    
ACPX Union Tank Car Company    
ACPZ American Concrete Products Company    
ACRX Elementis Chromium LP    
ACSX Honeywell International Incorporated    
ACSZ American Carrier Equipment    
ACTX Honeywell International Incorporated    
ACZX Norfolk Southern Railway Company    
ADCX Adolph Coors    
ADFX Agrium    
ADLX Adler Funding LLC    
AECX Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated    
AEIX Alan Eslisk    
AEQX ATEL Equipment Corporation    
AERX American Energy Resources Generating Com    
AESX General Electric Rail Services    
AEX The Andersons    
AFCX ATEL Capital Equipment Fund 7, L.P.    
AFFU Afrofreight Forwarders Ltd Transport    
AFIU ABS Industrial Verification Incorporated    
AFIZ Agmark Foods    
AFPX Honeywell International Incorporated    
AFRX AF Railway Industries Incorporated    
AFSX Astaris LLC    
AGCX Procor Limited    
AGHX Agrium U.S. Incorporated