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508 Mozambique    
AME Alto Molocue Airport, Alto Molocue, Mozambique    
ANO Angoche Airport, Angoche, Mozambique    
APL Nampula Airport, Nampula, Mozambique    
BCW Benguera Island, Benguera Island, Mozambique    
BEW Beira Airport, Beira, Mozambique    
BJN Bajone Airport, Bajone, Mozambique    
BZB Bazaruto Island, Bazaruto Island, Mozambique    
CMZ Caia, Caia, Mozambique    
FQAG Angoche Airport, Angoche, Mozambique    
FQBR Beira Airport, Beira, Mozambique    
FQCB Cuamba, Cuamba, Mozambique    
FQCH Chimoio, Chimoio, Mozambique    
FQIN Inhambane, Inhambabe, Mozambique    
FQLC Lichinga Airport, Lichinga, Mozambique    
FQMA Maputo, Maputo, Mozambique    
FQMD Mueda, Mueda, Mozambique    
FQMP Mocímboa da Praia, Mocímboa da Praia, Mozambique    
FQNC Nacala, Nacala, Mozambique    
FQNP Nampula Airport, Nampula, Mozambique    
FQPB Pemba, Pemba / Porto Amelia, Mozambique    
FQQL Quelimane, Quelimane, Mozambique    
FQTT Chingozi, Tete, Mozambique    
FQVL Vilankulo, Vilanculo, Mozambique    
FQXA Xai-Xai, Xai-Xai, Mozambique    
FXO Cuamba Airport, Cuamba, Mozambique    
IBO Ibo Airport, Ibo, Mozambique    
IMG Inhaminga Airport, Inhaminga, Mozambique    
INE Chinde Airport, Chinde, Mozambique    
INH Inhambane, Inhambabe, Mozambique    
LBM Luabo Airport, Luabo, Mozambique    
LMZ Palma, Palma, Mozambique    
MFW Magaruque, Magaruque Island, Mozambique    
MJS Maganja Da Costa Airport, Maganja Da Costa, Mozambique    
MMW Moma Airport, Moma, Mozambique    
MNC Nacala Airport, Nacala, Mozambique    
MOZ Mozambique Republic of    
MPM Maputo Airport, Maputo, Mozambique    
MTU Montepuez Airport, Montepuez, Mozambique    
MUD Mueda, Mueda, Mozambique    
MZ Mozambique    
MZB Mocímboa da Praia, Mocímboa da Praia, Mozambique    
MZN Mozambique Metical    
NND Nangade Airport, Nangade, Mozambique    
NTC Santa Carolina Airport, Santa Carolina, Mozambique    
PEB Pebane Airport, Pebane, Mozambique    
POL Pemba, Pemba / Porto Amelia, Mozambique    
RRM Marromeu Airport, Marromeu, Mozambique    
TCV Tete Airport, Tete, Mozambique    
TET Chingozi, Tete, Mozambique