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ACCS Adams County Christian School    
ACFD Attala County Fire Department    
ACHS Amite County High School    
ACHS Alcorn Central High School    
ACSD Attala County School District    
ACSO Adams County Sheriff's Office    
ACSO Alcorn County Sheriff's Office    
ACSO Attala County Sheriff's Office    
AHS Ackerman High School    
AHS Amory High School    
AHS Aberdeen High School    
AHS Ashland High School    
APD Aberdeen Police Department    
APD Ashland Police Department    
ASC Amite School Center    
ASD Alcorn School District    
ASD Amory School District    
ASD Aberdeen School District    
ASES All Saints Episcopal School    
AVFD Alpine Volunteer Fire Department    
BA Benton Academy    
BA Bayou Academy    
BA Brookhaven Academy    
BCS Bethlehem Christian School    
BCSO Benton County Sheriffs Office    
BCVFD Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Department    
BDG Mississippi State University    
BFD Batesville Fire Department    
BFD Belmont Fire Department    
BFD Brookhaven Fire Department    
BFD Biloxi Fire Department    
BHS Byhalia High School    
BHS Bruce High School    
BHS Belmont High School    
BHS Baldwyn High School    
BHS Bay High School    
BHS Biggersville High School    
BHS Biloxi High School    
BHS Booneville High School    
BHS Brookhaven High School    
BHS Brandon High School    
BIX Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi, United States    
bma Bass Memorial Academy    
BMHS Blue Mountain High School    
BPD Batesville Police Department    
BPD Brandon Police Department    
BPD Brookhaven Police Department    
BPD Biloxi Police Department    
BPD Belmont Police Department    
BSD Booneville School District