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A&AB Art & Architecture Building    
AH Angell Hall    
AL Walter E. Lay Automotive Lab    
ALH Alice Lloyd Hall    
AND EQ Anderson East Quadrangle    
ANNEX Public Policy Annex    
ARGUS2 Argus Building II    
ARGUS3 Argus Building III    
ARR Location to be Arranged    
BAM HALL Blanch Anderson Moore Hall    
BELL POOL Margaret Bell Pool    
BEYST Bob and Betty Beyster Building    
BIOL STAT Biological Station    
BMT Burton Memorial Tower    
BOT GARD Matthaei Botanical Gardens    
BSRB Biomedical Science Research Building    
BURS Bursley Hall    
BUS Business Administration    
CAMP DAVIS Camp Davis    
CCL Clarence Cook Little Building    
CCRB Central Campus Recreation Building    
CCSB Campus Safety Services Building    
CHEM Chemistry Building    
CHRYS Chrysler Center    
COMM PARK Commerce Park    
COOL Cooley Building    
COUZENS Couzens Hall    
cph Children's Psychiatric Hospital    
CRISLER Crisler Arena    
DANA Dana Building    
DANCE Dance Building    
dc Duderstadt Center    
DENN David M. Dennison Building    
DENT Dental Building    
DOW Dow Engineering Building    
E-BUS Executive Education    
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building    
EH East Hall    
eq East Quadrangle    
ERB1 Engineering Research Building 1    
ERB2 Engineering Research Building 2    
EWRE Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Building    
FA CAMP Fresh Air Camp, Pinckney    
FORD LIB Ford Library    
FXB Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building    
GFL Gorguze Family Laboratory    
GGBL G. G. Brown Laboratory    
GLIBN Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, North    
GR EQ Greene East Quadrangle    
hh Haven Hall