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# Number    
10080 A weak time counted in minutes.    
4-8-6 Firing order of air-cooled engine on German WWl 'Tri-wing aeroplane:    
A&P Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company    
A/S Aktieselskab    
A0 international paper sizes    
AAAQ Association des abattoirs avicoles du Québec    
AAB Anticlinal Aguada Bandera    
AABA Asociacion de Abogados de Buenos Aires    
AABF Association Artistique de la Banque de France    
AABF Avusturya Alevi Birlikleri Federasyonu    
AAHAA Aahaa NewsPaper In Hindi    
AALA Afro Asian and Latin America    
AAP Aho Aho Power    
AARD Dutch for 'earth'    
AB Algemeen Bestuur    
ABE Allgemeine Betriebs Erlaubnis    
ACCE Asian Centre For Certification And Education Of Addiction Professionals    
ACIB Associació comerciants industrials i botiguers de Begues (Catalan)    
AFW Alliance Airport code. Fort Worth, Texas. USA.    
AG American Gebi    
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control    
AKFA Algeria-DPRKorea Friendship Association    
AMA Amarillo Airport code. Amarillo, Texas. USA.    
AMC ATS Messaging Management Centre    
ANBO Antanas Nori Būti Ore (Lithuanian)    
ANOC Association of National Olympic Committees    
ANP Afghan National Police    
ANSF Afghan National Security Force    
AOAL Alla Olika Alla Lika    
AP Airport    
APCSC Asia Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration    
Arab Arabic    
ARAI Automotive Research Association of India    
ASE Association of Southeast Asian Nations    
ASFL Association Suisse pour la formation professionelle en logistique    
ASOSH Association of Societies for Occupational Safety and Health    
ATC Argentina Televisora Color    
ATV Advanced Technology Vessel    
AUS Austin International Airport, Austin, Texas. USA.    
AVIF Azərbaycan Velosiped İdmanı Federasiyası    
BEEF British Energy Efficiency Federation    
BIS Bureau of Indian Standards    
BKLY Beautiful kite-landing yacht:    
BMI Bloomington Illinois Airport code. Illinois, USA.    
BOD Beware of Dog    
BPT Beaumont / Port Arthur Airport code. South Texas Regional Airport. Texas, USA.    
BQN Code for the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Airport. The name of the airport is Rafael Hernández.    
BTLK Bahagian Tajaan Latihan Kemahiran (Malay)    
BWI British West Indies