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148 Chad    
AEH Abeche Airport, Abeche, Chad    
AKM Zakuoma, ZaKouma, Chad    
AMC Am Timan Airport, Am Timan, Chad    
AMO Mao Airport, Mao, Chad    
AOD Abou Deia Airport, Abou Deia, Chad    
ATV Ati Airport, Ati, Chad    
BKR Bokoro Airport, Bokoro, Chad    
CD Chad    
CHA Chad    
FTTA Sarh Airport, Sarh, Chad    
FTTB Bongor, Bongor, Chad    
FTTC Abeche Airport, Abeche, Chad    
FTTD Moundou, Chad    
FTTH Lai, Lai, Chad    
FTTI Ati Airport, Ati, Chad    
FTTK Bokoro, Bokoro, Chad    
FTTL Bol, Bol, Chad    
FTTM Mongo, Mongo, Chad    
FTTN Am Timan Airport, Am Timan, Chad    
FTTP Pala, Pala, Chad    
FTTS Bousso, Bousso, Chad    
FTTU Mao Airport, Mao, Chad    
FTTY Faya Largeau, Chad    
FYT Faya Largeau, Chad    
LTC Lai Airport, Lai, Chad    
MEF Melfi Airport, Melfi, Chad    
MQQ Moundou, Chad    
MVO Mongo Airport, Mongo, Chad    
OGR Bongor Airport, Bongor, Chad    
OTC Bol Airport, Bol, Chad    
OUM Oum Hadjer, Oum Hadjer, Chad    
OUT Bousso Airport, Bousso, Chad    
PLF Pala Airport, Pala, Chad    
SRH Sarh Airport, Sarh, Chad    
TCD Chad Republic of    
TD Chad