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124 Canada    
204 Manitoba    
226 Ontario    
236 British Columbia    
250 British Columbia    
289 Ontario    
2R VIA Rail Canada    
306 Saskatchewan    
343 Ontario    
403 Alberta    
416 Ontario    
418 Quebec    
438 Quebec    
450 Quebec    
4N Air North Charter - Canada    
506 New Brunswick    
514 Quebec    
519 Ontario    
579 Quebec    
581 Quebec    
587 Alberta    
5T Canadian North    
604 British Columbia    
613 Ontario    
647 Ontario    
705 Ontario    
709 Newfoundland and Labrador    
778 British Columbia    
780 Alberta    
807 Ontario    
819 Quebec    
825 Alberta    
867 Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut    
902 Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island    
905 Ontario    
AAFC Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada    
AAOM Association of Assessing Officers of Manitoba    
AAPCI Atlantic Agri-Products Competitiveness Initiative    
AARC Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre    
ABAC Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada    
ABE Automated Buyer Environment (Bilingual client/server that automates the federal government's procurement operations)    
AC Air Canada    
ACIS Automated Customs Information Service    
ACOA Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency    
ACRI Atlantic Cancer Research Institute    
ACST Advisory Council on Science and Technology    
ADC Athlete Development Committee    
AEB Audit and Ethics Branch (Canada)    
AEXDP Accelerated Executive Development Program(Learning program under CCMD)    
AFD Alternative Forms of Delivery(PWGSC initiative)