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Ain't Is Not    
ATCHU At You    
BCOS Because    
Betcha Bet you    
CHE cholesteryl hexadecyl ether    
CHE Chairperson the European    
CHE Catholic Homes for the Elderly    
COULDA Could Have    
DA Direct Authentication    
DA Department of the Army's    
DA directional atherectomy    
DA directly with the appropriate    
DA Departments of the Air    
dere there    
DEY They    
DIZ This Is    
DIZ DA This Is The    
DONCHA don´t you    
DONNO I don´t know    
DOODIT Did it    
EXS Excess    
FULLA Full of    
GETCHA Get You, understand    
Gimme Give Me    
GIT Get out of Here    
GIZ Gizmo    
GLY Golly    
GOIN Go On In    
Gonna Going to    
GOTCHA I got you, I understand    
GOTTA Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?    
GOZINTA Goes In To    
GUD Good    
HADDA Had To    
hafta have to    
HASTA Has To    
HIZONER His Honor    
HOOZIT Who Is It?    
HOW YOU LEGS How do You Like Your Eggs?    
HOW'D How Would ....    
HOWZAT How Is That?    
HOWZIT How Is It?    
I'D I would    
I'VE I Have    
Imnt Double contraction of "I am not".    
IR I am    
IW I Wanna    
IWB I Wanna Be ....    
IZ Isolation Zone    
IZ ischemic zone