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ABC Atanasoff-Berry Computer    
ABC Anti-social Behaviour Contract    
ABC Acceptable Behaviour Contract    
ABH Actual Bodily Harm    
ACC Assistant Chief Constable    
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers    
ACR Area Control Room    
ADC Area Data Centre    
AFO Authorised Firearms Officer    
ALO Architectural Liaison Officer    
AMEC Alcohol Misuse Enforcement Campaign    
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Reader    
APA Association of Police Authorities    
APPRO Association of Police Public Relations Officers    
APS Acting Police Sergeant    
ARB Accident Report Booklet    
ARB Accident Report Book    
ARV Armed Response Vehicle    
ASBO Anti-Social Behaviour Order. A controversial UK crime prevention mechanism in the form of a civil restriction issued by a magistrate's court, placed on a person who is deemed to have committed a public nuisance offence, which for example instructs the per    
ASU Air Support Unit    
AVU Anti Victimisation Unit    
BAWP British Association of Women Police    
BCS British Crime Survey    
BEM Black and Ethnic Minority    
BHP Belfast Harbour Police    
BOCU Borough Operational Command Unit    
BODS Basic Online Database System    
BPA Black Police Association    
BTP British Transport Police    
BVPI Best Value Performance Indicator    
BVR Best Value Review    
BVSG Best Value Steering Group    
C&D Complaints and Discipline    
C/Insp Chief Inspector    
C/Supt Chief Superintendent    
CADDIE Crime and Disorder Data Information Exchange    
CBM Community Beat Manager    
CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear.    
CC Chief Constable    
CCJ County Court Judgment    
CCSO Chief Constables Staff Officer    
CD Communications Department    
CDD Corporate Development Department    
CDD Corporationrate Development Department    
CDRP Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership    
CFF Crime Fighting Fund    
CHC Call Handling Centre    
CHIS Covert Human Intelligence Source    
CIB Complaints Investigation Branch    
CID Criminal Investigation Department