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AAGO Alabama Attorney General's Office    
ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control    
ABI Alabama Bureau of Investigation    
ACID Arizona Criminal Investigations Division    
ACP Alabama Capitol Police    
ACSO Amador County Sheriff's Office    
ACSO Alameda County Sheriffs Office    
ADC Alabama Department of Corrections    
ADC Alaska Department of Corrections    
ADC Arkansas Department of Correction    
ADC Arizona Department of Corrections    
ADCC Arkansas Department of Community Corrections    
ADPS Alabama Department of Public Safety    
ADPS Alaska Department of Public Safety    
ADPS Arizona Department of Public Safety    
AESU Alabama Executive Security Unit    
AFGE Alabama Fish and Game Enforcement    
agfc Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's    
AGO Attorney General of Oklahoma    
AHP Arizona Highway Patrol    
AHP Arkansas Highway Police    
AHP Alabama Highway Patrol    
ALETA Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy    
AMPD Alabama Marine Police Division    
APS Alabama Protective Services    
ASC Alabama Securities Commission    
ASCL Alaska State Crime Lab    
ASCL Arkansas State Crime Laboratory    
ASCP Arkansas State Capitol Police    
ASCP Arizona State Capitol Police    
ASD Agency Support Division    
ASDP Alabama State Docks Police    
ASHP Arkansas State Hospital Police    
ASLS Alabama State Lands Security    
ASP Arkansas State Police    
ASPP Arkansas State Parole and Probation    
ASPR Arkansas State Parks Rangers    
ASPRS Alabama State Parks Ranger Service    
BCI Bureau of Criminal Investigation    
BCSO Butte County Sheriff's Office    
BF Bureau of Firearms    
BMCFEA Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse    
BPS Bureau of Protective Services    
CAP Connecticut Airport Police    
CBI California Bureau of Investigation    
CBI Colorado Bureau of Investigation    
CCCSO Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office    
CCSD Calaveras County Sheriff's Department    
CCSO Colusa County Sheriff's Office    
CDABC California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control