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AB Crane Ship    
AFDB Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock    
AFDL Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock    
AFDM Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock    
APB Self-propelled Barracks Ship (misc)    
APL Barracks Craft (non self-propelled)    
ARD Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock    
ARDM Medium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock    
ATA Auxiliary Ocean Tug (fleet Support)    
DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (US)    
DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle    
IX Unclassified Miscellaneous Unit    
NR Submersible Research Vehicle    
x Submersible Craft    
YC Open Lighter    
YCF Car Float (non Self-propelled)(lighter)    
YCV Aircraft Transportation Lighter    
YD Floating Crane (non Self-propelled)(misc)    
ydt Yard Diving Tender    
YF Covered Lighter    
yfb Ferry Boat or Launch    
YFD Yard Floating Dry Dock    
YFN Covered Lighter    
YFNB Large Covered Lighter    
YFND Dry Dock Companion Craft (non-self Propelled) (misc)    
YFNX Lighter (Special Purpose)    
yfp Floating Power Barge    
yfr Refrigerated Cover Lighter    
YFRN Refrigerated Covered Lighter    
YFRT Covered Lighter (range Tender) (self-propelled) (misc)    
YFU Harbor Utility Craft (self Propelled)(lighter)    
YG Garbage Lighter    
YGN Garbage Lighter (non Self-propelled)    
ylc Salvage Lift Craft    
YM Dredge    
YMN Dredge    
yng Gate Craft    
ynt Net Tender    
YO Fuel Oil Barge (self-propelled)(tanker)    
YOG Gasoline Barge (self-propelled)(tanker)    
YOGN Gasoline Barge (non Self-propelled)(lighter)    
YON Fuel Oil Barge (non Self-propelled)(lighter)    
yos Oil Storage Barge    
yp Patrol Craft, Training    
ypd Floating Pile Driver    
YR Floating Workshop (non Self-propelled)(misc)    
YRB Repair And Berthing Barge (non Self-propelled) (misc)    
YRBM Repair, Berthing & Messing Barge    
YRDH Floating Dry Dock Workshop (hull) (non Self-propelled)(misc)    
YRDM Floating Dry Dock Workshop (machine) (non Self-propell)(misc)