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AA Alternative Analysis    
AADT Average Annual Daily Traffic    
AADTT Average Annual Daily Truck Traffic    
AAP Area Action Plan    
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials    
ABI Annual Business Inquiry    
ACPT Automated Collection Planning Tool    
ACSC Areas of Critical State Concern    
ACTRP Association of Consulting Town and Regional Planners of South Africa    
ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 (Text Of ADA Legislation)    
ADAPT Adaptation Database and Planning Tool    
ADT Average Daily Trips    
ADT Average Daily Traffic (vpd in both directions)    
AFT American Farmland Trust    
AIP American Institute of Planners    
AMR Annual Monitoring Report    
AOD Airport Overlay District    
APAAC Advisory Planning Architecture and Aesthetics Committee    
APAB Atlanta Planning Advisory Board    
APAC Area Planning Action Council    
APBI Advance Planning Briefing for Industry    
APFD Academic Planning and Faculty Development    
APIR Academic Planning and Institutional Research    
APIR assessment planning intervention and review    
APIR Assessment Planning Implementation and Review    
APIU Academic Planning And Implementation Unit    
APPAS Automated Planning Permission Application Scrutiny    
APPG Annual Planning and Programming Guidance    
APPG Army Planning Priorities Guidance    
APRC Academic Planning and Review Committee    
APTA American Public Transit Association    
APTA American Public Transportation Association    
APTS Advanced Public Transportation System    
APW Academic Planning Worksheet    
APW Acquisition Planning Wizard    
AREP Application For Regional Economic Planning    
ARPT Adaptive Research Planning Teams    
ASLA American Society of Landscape Architects    
ASPO American Society of Planning Officials    
ATC Automated Toll Collection    
ATM Advanced Traffic Management    
AVL Automatic Vehicle Locator    
BANANA Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere, Near Anyplace    
bbp Better Business Planning    
BCP Business Continuity Planning    
BCPC Boulder Campus Planning Commission    
BEAP Building Emergency Action Planning    
BFE Base Flood Elevation    
BIAAPA Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority    
BID Business Improvement District