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(A) Air Frame    
(A) Air Branch    
(AR) Radio rating    
(AW) Radio rating    
(Ch) Chatham    
(D) Dentist    
(E) Engines    
(E) Engineering Branch    
(HG) Higher Grade    
(L) Electrical    
(O) Ordnance    
(O) Officer's Cook or Steward    
(P) Pilot    
(Ply) Plymouth    
(Po) Polish    
(Po) Portsmouth    
(S) Supply    
(S) Steward    
(T) Torpedo    
1c 1st class    
2c 2nd class    
3c 3rd class    
A/S Anti-Submarine    
AA Anti-Aircraft    
AB Able Seaman (rank)    
Act/ Acting    
ADM Admiral    
AEW Airborne Early Warning    
AFU Advanced Flying Unit    
AOW Auxilliaryman of the Watch    
ASAU Air Search and Attack Unit    
ASUW Anti-surface Warfare    
ASW Auxiliary SeaWater system    
ASWO Anti-Submarine Warfare Officers    
autec Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center's    
Bantie South African rating    
Bhandary Royal Indian Navy rating    
BMOW Boatswain's Mate Of the Watch    
BMT Basic Military Training    
BPD Boom Patrol Detachment    
BUPERS Bureau of Navy Personnel    
BVLS British Vessels Lost at Sea    
BYMS British Yard Minesweeper    
CAPT Captain    
CDR Commander    
CO Commanding officer    
COMNAVAIRPAC COMmander, NAVal AIR forces, PACific    
COMNAVSECGRU Commander, Naval Security Group    
COMPACFLT Commander, Pacific Fleet