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AB Crane Ship    
ac Alex Collier    
ACS auxiliary crane ship (US Navy)    
AD Auxiliary Destroyer Tender    
AE Ammunition Ship (underway Replenishment)    
AFDB Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock    
AFDL Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock    
AFDM Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock    
AFS Combat Stores Ship    
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary    
AGDE Testing Ocean Escort    
AGDS Deep Submergence Support Ship (misc)    
AGER Environmental Research Ship    
AGF Miscellaneous Command Ship    
AGFF Testing Frigate    
AGHS Patrol Combatant Support Ship    
AGM Missile Range Instituteumentation Ship    
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship (misc)    
AGOS Ocean Surveillance Ship (misc)    
AGP Patrol Craft Tender (misc)    
AGS Surveying Ship    
AGSS Auxiliary Research Submarine (misc)    
AGTR Technical research ship    
AH Hospital Ship (misc)    
AK Cargo Ship (misc)    
AKA Attack Cargo Ship    
AKR Vehicle Cargo Ship    
AKS Store Issue Ship    
am Auxiliary Minesweeper    
AMb Harbor Minesweeper    
AMc Coastal Minesweeper    
AMCU Underwater Mine Locater    
AN Net Laying Ship    
AO Fleet Oiler    
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship (underway Replenishment)    
AOG Gasoline Tanker (misc)    
AOR Replenishment Oiler (underway Replenishment)    
AOT Transport Oiler    
AP Transport (misc)    
APA Attack Transport    
APB Self-propelled Barracks Ship (misc)    
APD Destroyer Escort    
APD Converted Destroyer    
APL Barracks Craft (non self-propelled)    
AR Repair Ship (material Support)    
ARC Cable Repair Ship    
ARD Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock    
ARDM Medium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock    
ARL Auxiliary Repair Light    
ARS Salvage Ship